Thursday, March 15, 2018

Etsy Shop Open!

As of yesterday-
Isa Creations Vintage Etsy shop is Open!

Here is the 20% discount code
Code valid through Tuesday March 20, 2018

Only a few categories of Isa Creations handcrafted items are now available on Etsy
Each month new sections/categories will be added
This transition will take time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Giveway Posted on Instagram

Earlier today, I posted Isa Creation Vintage first Giveaway!
This is part of my Etsy Shop Re-opening 
which is scheduled for tomorrow,
March 14th, 10 a.m. Mountain Time

If you would like to participate, go to Instagram
or click here.

Giveaway will run through Sunday, March 18th Midnight, Mountain time.
Winner announced Monday, March 19th.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Big Changes on the Way!

The last couple of post I’ve planned on posting catch up post.

The reality is that has not happened.  
Despite my best efforts,
Time gets away from me.

The reality is Isa Creations is just me!
I create everything I sell.
I am the only person who posts on Instagram/Facebook and 
Occasionally blog.
Setup at markets and day at markets, is mostly me
(I do have some help at markets)
Despite my intentions,
My Etsy shop has remained closed with the exception of an occasional listing.
(Listings have been for specific people-convo order)
My Etsy shop has been inactive for several years,
Not sure how many.

Originally Opened Etsy shop in 2009.
Years later changed the name to Isa Creations Vintage.

I’ve decided not to try to catch up on blog posts.
Going to work on posts going forward.
Although my blog has not been kept up to date recently,
My Isa Creations Vintage INSTAGRAM account has.

I posted on Instagram last week about big changes!
Going back to Etsy!
In order to reopen my Etsy shop and properly maintain it,
I have to make big changes—
Will start doing less and less markets.

I will be a vendor at Market Beautiful (formerly Vintage Whites) 
at the end of March and will be at Paris Street (May, June, September & October)
I have also already committed to be a vendor at Applewood Arts Holiday Market and plan on participating
 in Rue de Noel -A Paris Street Holiday Market

And that’s it!
I plan on cutting back on markets even more in 2019.

The explanation for these changes were posted on Instagram:

This is my new Etsy shop banner:

I’ve also updated by blog header which coordinates with my Etsy shop banner.

I hope to reopen my Etsy shop in a few days.

I will start by listing a variety of items using the heat transfer technique. 
 Tea towels with images of 
 Vintage  flower seed catalogue covers,
Paint by number 
Vintage fruit crate label images
Along with vintage flower seed drink coasters and finally
Vintage embroidered State Bird Drink Coaster.

Here is a sample:

After Market Beautiful ,
Hopefully by mid April I will list more Isa Creations handcrafted items.

Again, this transition to online will not be overnight, 
It will take time to list most of all of my inventory.
Each month I plan on adding more shop categories of inventory.

Stay tuned for more details as I will have an 
Isa Creations Vintage giveaway on Instagram 
Plus a discount code to use on Etsy
Valid for the first week of my shop reopening - 
Isa Creations Vintage on Etsy.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Next Market - Rebel Junk Market in Loveland

My next market is at the end of the month, 
Loveland, Colorado
at the Ranch
February 23rd and 24th

Click on the Photo below or here to visit
for details on tickets

Currently working on my 2017 books for Isa Creations - It's that time of year -- Tax Time. Putting back the CPA hat I once wore (20 years ago).  I once liked that hat, wore it for 10 years on a daily basis but after 20 years of being a stay at home mom, I find don't like that hat! I want to create not enter numbers into a computer.  But it's an important hat!

However, as soon as I dig myself out of the paperwork/computer spreadsheet  hole I am currently in, I will be sharing some new ideas and market inventory I hope to CREATE  and have available at Rebel Junk Market. 

The above is also a reason I have not blogged like I promised myself.
Still have several blog posts I need to catch up on from 2017!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Published Sew Somerset Winter 2018 Issue

Back in November 2017, 
I was swamped creating inventory for the Holiday Markets.

In the midst of all that,
I received the Winter 2018 issue of Sew Somerset
Published by Stampington & Co.

I was so happy to have my mason jar tea towel published!
I love creating using the sewing illustration technique.
I am grateful Sew Somerset continues to publish my work.

Late November, I posted about this on
Isa Creations Vintage on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s only now( months later) that I share this on my blog.
Continue to struggle to blog as often as I should; 
Especially since I have created many new items all these past months.

So here it is!!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Absent from Blog but not Creating

My blog has been seriously neglected by me!

I have had every intention of posting since June but for one reason 
or another I have not found the time and now -
it's been almost 6 months since my last post.

This will be a post of more personal highlights.

Since my last post I participated in the July A Paris Street Market - 
a change in my normal schedule but happy to of had 
my daughter Laura help me at that market.

A few days after the July A Paris Street Market, our family embarked on
 a two week road trip 
to Texas.
This summer, all four of us visited my family in El Paso, Texas (3 days),
then off to Houston, Texas  where we spend 1 day & 1 night with our dear friends, 
The Heddens Family.
Our next stop was Austin, Texas (3 days),
to visit the Wagner side of the family.
Then to Rockport, Texas where we spent 2.5 days
relaxing and pier fishing in this little town which sadly
was devastated by Hurricane Harvey a month or so later.

From Rockport we went to San Antonio to spend a few days with 
my dear friend June and her husband David.
On our way back home we visited the Sonora Caverns.

Just before we left on our family road trip,
my daughter Laura got a job with Hobby Lobby In Loveland.
Previously she worked for Hobby Lobby in Littleton during last summer;
But this time she wanted to keep working when she returns to  
CSU in Ft. Collins in the fall.

The day after we returned home - Laura started her job and occasionally came to visit 
during the rest of the summer.  

I was a vendor at the August Old House Vintage Market In Loveland.

It was great to see my former Houston neighbors and friends Cindy and her daughter Hayley
at Old House Vintage Market in August.  

My son Alex returned to school - 8th grader!
We are so proud of him.  
He has matured as a student.
During the spring semester (7th grade)
he earned ALL A’s!!!
This semester he continues to make us proud.

Laura returned to CSU -Junior year!
Very proud of how she continues to work hard at school
and work.  She has continued working at Hobby Lobby
and doing well this fall semester.
    Very proud!

In September, I had a great Birthday.  
My friend June and her husband came to visit.  She helped me at A Paris Street Market and 
help me celebrate my birthday with my family.
LOVE the handmade card my son Alex made for me❤️!

My friend Lisa purchased tickets for Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars at Red Rocks -September 18th,
I have to say; this is one of my all time favorite birthday gifts I have ever received.
Absolutely Loved this concert - the best!!!

During all these months I have been busy creating.
I continue to work as a substitute teacher.

Although I have neglected posting on my blog,
I have continued posting on Instagram

My next post, I will highlight
Creations from the last 6 months
Including a post on being published in the
Winter issue of 
Sew Somerset❤️

Friday, June 9, 2017

Junkstock Omaha Nebraska!

It's been a long road (literally) here to Omaha, Nebraska!
This adventure would not be possible without my dear friend and business mentor-Amy ,owner of the Pink Attic Cat.

A big thank you to Greg, Amy's husband who drove the truck with a very large trailer and who went shopping to get me more supplies to create a booth I am very happy with.

A huge thanks to my husband who is taking a combination of time off and working from home to take care of our 13 year old son Alex. My daughter Laura is finishing up her 4 week summer session at CSU.

Finally a heartfelt thank you to my friends Gail and Carla who drove Alex to/from Band and soccer practice this week!

I don't think I have ever worked so hard to create a booth that I hope best represents my work and me.
It's been 2 long days working in hot conditions but now that I have 2 large fans plus a personal one by my checkout table - it's much better!

My booth is in the Stables.
Stable "d"