Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Danielle Donaldson's Creative Girl

Jeanne Oliver is having a wonderful giveaway  of Danielle Donaldson's Creative Girl book!  I love the whimsy and colors  of Danielle's artwork.  I also love mix media and look forward to learning from her.  I have never painted in watercolors, but this book makes me want to learn or at the very least have fun and play with watercolors!

Please visit Jeanne Oliver's blog posting for more details:

I am registered to attend a class with Danielle Donaldson, hosted by Jeanne Oliver at Old Glory Antiques on August 22nd.  We will be taking my daughter Laura to CSU (Colorado State University) on Thursday, August 20th.  Laura will move into her dorm on the 20th while we participate in parent/family activities at CSU.  This will be the start of an exciting new chapter for my daughter, but one that will require many adjustments to our daily family life as we know it.

In an effort to help me cope, I decided to sign up for this class with Danielle Donaldson.  Being creative in one form or another is how I cope with life.  This will be MY therapy!  Thanks Danielle and Jeanne!

This is one of my favorite illustrations posted on Jeanne Oliver's giveaway blog posting, created by Danielle Donaldson.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Repurposed Vintage Embroidered Linens into Pin Cushions in Vintage Molds

My last blog posting was over a month ago.

  Summer months are always a mix bag for me.

My creativity is more sporadic and unpredictable.
 I feel a pull in different directions during the summer months.

Since my last blog posting

We enjoyed a few days in Estes Park, CO where we enjoyed a few hikes, fishing (hiked to a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, visited with former Houston neighbors who have a summer home in Estes Park and even spent time at the YMCA of the Rockies craft room!)

A few days later, the kids and I went on our annual road trip to El Paso, Texas to visit my parents, sister, nephews, niece and other family members. We celebrated a few birthdays and spent quality time with family.  Kids and I cherish this time.

After two weeks in El Paso, I continued working on my vintage linen pin cushions created using vintage embroidered linens and various vintage molds, including Jell-O and heart shape molds.

We were back home for just a week when the kids and I went back on the road for a short trip to Ft. Collins, CO for my daughter's student/parent orientation at CSU (Colorado State University).
Exhausting but very informative 2 days.

Now, we are back home and looking forward to staying home.  

In between all this traveling I am rather surprised I managed to stay focused to get more than 75 new pin cushions done.  My next show will be September 5th at A Paris Street Market.

Until then, I have several goals:

My craft room is a mess...again.  Need to work on it!

I have a long list of items I want to create, including creating Halloween items.

I am hoping to re-open my Etsy shop.  

However, like I tell my daughter, let's focus on what we have accomplished and not so much on what we still need to accomplish!  So with that in mind, I am happy to share 
my new pincushion  photos I posted on
my Instagram  and Facebook account for Isa Creations Vintage.

I am not sure how to link my Instragram account but here it goes

And, here is what I created during our trip to Estes Park (YMCA of the Rockies craft center).  A large wooden lazy susan with a house mosaic design.  I still need to paint the edge of the wood and the base.