Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Summer Horseshoe Market

Paticipating at the Summer Horsehoe Market this summer is something I am looking forward to this summer.  This will be my first time as a vendor at this market.   My daughter Laura will be my helper during the Summer Horseshoe Market on July 14th, from 9 to 4.  We will remain in Austin, Texas for 2 more weeks, so I will only have a few days to prepare for this market, but that's okay.   The important thing is that I will be back home in time to be a part of this wonderful market! 

This also means my Etsy shop will remain on vacation mode until we return. Update:  Decided to open my Etsy shop again since I have applied for other markets this fall.  As part of the application process, my Etsy shop also functions as my "porfolio."   

All I am hoping for at this time is for good weather and the high winds to stay away from the market. I know it may be silly to worry about such things but I have learned what a huge difference the weather can make during any outdoor market.  You can find  the Summer Horseshoe Market facebook page here.

I found this cute map at the Horseshoe Market website. The Market Location is

Olinger Moore Howard Parking Lot
4345 West 46th Avenue

Denver, CO 80212

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Market Display

Since I am not home and won't be there for sometime, I have been catching up on some reading (mostly at night) and more recently, visiting on my favorite sites, Pinterest.  I enjoy checking out new ideas which often inspire me.  I just added many items to a new board I created, Market Displays.  This reminded me of one of my new favorite Market Displays I recently re-purposed. 

 I purchased the crib mattress metal spring frame at my local antique shop, The Pink Attic Cat in downtown Littleton, Co.  I sanded some of the rust away and sharp edges, then primed it and painted it will an ivory spray paint.  I sanded it again, to give it a more rustic look.  I added many of my paper magnets to display at the Sweet William Market last  month. 
Butterfly and Flower Magnets

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day to Remember...

Later today we will gather to remember a dear member of our family.  Earlier this week, on June 12th my father in law lost his battle with cancer.  We all love him and miss him dearly.  We are sad ... today we will gather with family and friends to honor his memory near his home in Austin, TX. 

Rest in peace, Richard E. Wagner.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Road Trip To Austin

When it rains on the Wagners, it pours!  The kids and I are finally  headed to Austin, TX this morning.  This will be a 2 day road trip but really I feel like we have been on this "road" for sometime.  We can plan for many things, or at least try to plan but I also believe God has other plans for us.   Every summer the kids and I look forward to our road trip to visit my family in El Paso, TX.  We have made this annual trip, without fail for over 13 years.  Sadly, this year we will not be making this trip.  Believe me I wish we were making the trip to El Paso because that would mean life would be "normal" for us.  But life is not normal for has not since early March.

My father in law, who lives in Austin TX is terminally ill with cancer.  He is a very private person, so I will honor him by not providing any more details on his illness.  We love him and imagining a world without him is very difficult.  My husband has always been a loving husband, a wonderful dad and great friend.  I always knew he was a good son but he is more than that.  He has been in Austin since May 26th to be with his dad and mom during this very difficult time.  His parents need him more than ever and I am glad that he has been able to be with them.  We miss him but are also very proud of him. 

The kids and I planned on joining David in Austin as soon as school was out but several factors kept us at home one more week.  I will only mention three...major repair to our Ford Excursion, root canal (me) and our lovely tree!  Yep, that is a one of the trees in the backyard that decided to come down last Saturday evening...after high winds visited our area! 

Thankfully, no damage to the house.  The tree sort of landed on the patio roof and fireplace.   The tree company removed the tree on Tuesday so before anything else happens here, we will go to Austin, TX.  We don't know how long we will be gone but I wish we were going under other circumstances.     I also want to thank all of our friends(near and far) and neighbors who have been very supportive.  Thanks Staci for taking care of our house, mail, and whatever comes up.   Amy, thanks for babysitting our little gold fish.  Thanks Lisa for knowing that I can always count on you.  And, lastly, thanks to my family in El Paso who understand why we can't go visit them this summer.   

I will have my Etsy shop on vacation mode until we return. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yarn Shoppe in Downtown Denver

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.  Due to some recent events, which I can't share at the moment, I was not able to be a part of the 4th Annual Spring Community Event hosted by Bags by CAB-Yarn Shoppe in downtown Denver.  It was held yesterday at 1777 Larimer St., outdoor courtyard from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   I contacted Cassie, the owner of Bags by CAB -Yarn Shoppe to ask to give my vendor booth to someone else on her waiting list.  It made me sad to not be able to participate but sometimes that's just life.

The silver lining came Friday morning when Cassie called me to discuss  becoming one of the artisans whose work she sells at her retail establishment -Yarn Shoppe!  Honestly, this is a dream come true.  I actually owe a big thanks to my husband David who works near the Yarn Shoppe because he spoke to Cassie about my work.  He got the ball rolling!  I also want to thank Cassie for this wonderful opportunity.  Although I was not able to be at the 4th Annual Spring Community Event in handmade items were available for sale! 

Now, you can find an assortment of my felted wool and vintage embroidered items at Bags by CAB - Yarn Shop at 1777 Larimer St #102, Denver, CO.  You can visit her website here.

I took pictures of the shop and a sampling of items now available at Yarn Shoppe.  I used my phone camera so the pictures are not of the same quality as my Canon Rebel xsi camera, but you get the idea.

Isa Creations Felted Wool Scarves

Isa Creations - Canvas Shopping Tote Bags

A case filled with Vintage Linen Dressforms, felted wool Rose pins, Flower pins, Butterfly pins, Dressform pins and Vintage Linen Buttons.

Wool Lavender Scented Sachets along with my business cards

Closeup of Felted wool rings and pins

A few Felted wool Handbags and many canvas tote bags -- Isa Creations

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet William Market May 26, 2012

Sweet William Market was an important learning experience for me.  First of all, setting up a canopy for an outdoor market booth  for the first time was not easy at all (most stressful part of my day).  Thankfully, other vendors near me came to the rescue...thank you!   I picked up some pointers so next time I hope we will be able to get the canopy up on our own (fingers crossed).  My daughter Laura was an exceptionally great help...thank you Laura!

I missed Staci, this is my first show without her.  Due to scheduling conflicts, this summer we will do a few shows together (share booth), others where our booths will be next to each other (show does not allow booth sharing) and some where it is just one of us like this past week at Sweet William Market.  The market was a little slow but did pick up a little into the late morning....then, the notorious Denver winds showed up!  Oh my, it got windy very quickly!  Thank goodness for the  15lb weights (for each post) my hubby got for me so at least my canopy was secure...can't say the same for all my displays.  The vintage embroidered birds took flight!  Thankfully no damage, just a little frazzled.   It was great to have Lisa, Sophie and Sherril (yep, three generations!) come visit our booth...they helped keep some of the displays safe from the wind!  As usual, took lots of pictures of my booth.  If you want to see all the photos I took, you can see them on Flickr...Sweet William Market Set.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage Hankie Dresses - A New Batch

So much is going on this week...most of which I can't even discuss.  In time, I will share but I can't at the moment.  In the meantime,  I would just like to share pictures of some of my newest Vintage Hankie Dresses.  Believe it or not, this is just a small dent.  I will be taking a break from estate sale shopping, among other reasons, I have so many vintage hankie dresses at this time, I need to focus on creating the hankie dresses.

Here are my newest Vintage Hankie Dresses:

If you want to see more photos, you can visit my Flickr set - Vintage Hankies New Batch here.