Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Upcoming Handmaids Challenge

This past February, I wrote a post about a new favorite fabric line created by J. Wrecker Frisch.

To see the original post from February,

New Lined Zippered Bags using J. Wecker Frisch's Handmaids Fabric,  click here.

I finished sewing a few more bags last week in anticipation of Sugar Plum Bazaar.  I have posted about these bags before, click here , (More Lined Zippered Bags - More J Wecker Frisch & Vintage Linen).  This style bags will accommodate a Nook/Kindle Reader or the larger size will accommodate an iPad.  The bags are also lined with a layer of fusible fleece and coordinating She Who Sews Fabric.


I have more bags (different style and using the large panels) I have cut, just waiting to be sewn.  I will work on getting those new bags sewn within the next 2 weeks. 

Since I love this fabric line so much, I entered a Handmaids Challenge. You can see the details on this Handmaids Challenge  here.  

Visit Joy Studio Blog for details on how you can play too!   To be entered to win a “She Who Sews” Panel, simply leave a comment at the JOY STUDIO BLOG ( 3 winners will be chosen by random drawing.)


I received by two fat quarters of "She Who Sews"  fabric last week.  I plan on creating a little bag with the 2 fat quarters and "She Who Sews" panels I already have. I will have that completed sometime next week.

This week I am torn between more sewing or ironing lots of vintage linens (mostly vintage tablecloths) in preparation for A Paris Street Market this Saturday, May 3rd in Aspen Grove.
I have a large laundry basket full of freshly laundered linens...just waiting to be ironed!  I don't like ironing, I'd rather be sewing but now that A Paris Street Market is just a few days away...  I will be ironing!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar 2014

I am ready for Sugar Plum Bazaar!  Earlier today, I setup my booth space at the Parkside Mansion located at 1859 York Street, Denver CO.  Isa Creations is in the first floor, first room the left as you enter the Mansion from the front.  It was nice to see many vendor friends.  Many who I had not seen since the Sugar Plum Bazaar last December.

Last night, I managed to stay up late sewing more vintage linen bags.  Earlier this week, I purchased a new sewing machine.  Much nicer than my old one.  I had no idea my old broken down sewing machine was such a clunker until I "test drove" the new PFAFF Ambition Essentials sewing machine.  I had no idea there was such a difference.  I LOVE my new sewing machine!

As much as I would love to sew more items tonight, I am not.  I am too tired!  My booth at Sugar Plum Bazaar is brimming with new creations.  Sewing will resume next week as I prepare for A Paris Street Market, the following Saturday, May3rd.

Tomorrow will be a really busy day.  While I am at Sugar Plum Bazaar, my daughter Laura will be preparing for her first Prom.  She is a junior  at Columbine High School and will be going with  a group of 6 couples.   Most of the couples going to prom are just friends, including Laura and her prom date Chris.   The dress has been purchased (involved 2 days of shopping), I made the necessary alterations.  Accessories have been purchased -- shopping is exhausting!  The boutonniere for her Prom date Chris has been ordered.  If it's not too busy, I will leave Sugar Plum a bit earlier and ask my vendor neighbors to take care of my booth for the last 30 minutes or so of the show so I can head home.  I want to be there to take the Prom pictures, although my husband David said he will take good pictures.  I want to be there.

Tonight, I look forward to relaxing, catching up on some shows and try something new....

get a good night's sleep before the show
This may be a first for me!

Here are the pictures of my booth space at Sugar Plum Bazaar

 Lots of vintage Hankies, Buntings and Dyed Vintage Crochet Tablecloths...

Thanks to my friend Amy, of Pink Attic Cat, who lend me the bookshelf to place on top of my table.  I am able to make good use of my space and display much more of my inventory.

 A large selection of Vintage Pattern Illustration Altered Dominoes Pendants...

  I was able to place one of each type of  Vintage Pattern Illustrated Altered Dominoes in this display.

Almost looks like the vintage linen birds are checking out my Nook/Kindle Fire lined zippered bag...
 Origami Paper dresses, pencil style lined bags along with many other bags, including bags with Handmaids fabric by J. Wecker Frisch.

 Love the Hankie Display!

Lined zippered bags created using the Handmaids fabric by J. Wecker Frisch
 Vintage Button Rings...

Finally, here are the details to Sugar Plum Bazaar...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sweet Girls on Lined Zippered Bags by Isa Creations

I have had this fabric for some time; I don't remember who created this fabric.  When I purchased it, I knew I would make lined zippered bags that would accommodate readers/tablets like Nook/Kindle-Fire or iPads.

I used Vintage Chenille fabrics and lined the inside of the bag with coordinating fabric.  Each bag is also lined with a layer of fusible fleece for added support.

I took extra time and care to free-style stitch the girls hair and outline of their dresses.  In some cases, I even free-style stitched words.  These bags will also be available at Sugar Plum Bazaar this Saturday and Sunday at the Parkside Mansion in Denver, CO.  For more details on the location and times, please visit Sugar Plum's Facebook page here.

Free-style stitching on the hair...

Zipper pull has a key and a charm...

Most of the items I will have at Sugar Plum will be newly created items.  My booth will be in the first floor, in the first room as you enter the Mansion from the front.  Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vintage Linen Lined Zippered Bags for Sugar Plum Bazaar

I have not replaced my sewing machine yet; however, before the darn machine quit working on me, I did get some sewing done.  Although a big pile of cut linens remain to be sewn, here is what I have finished and will be available this weekend at Sugar Plum Bazaar.

Sugar Plum Bazaar is this Saturday and Sunday (April 26th & 27th) at the Parkside Mansion located at 1859 York Street, Denver CO.  To visit Sugar Plum Bazaar on Facebook click here.

These vintage lilac chenille lined zippered bags.  You can slide your Kindle-fire/Nook Reader inside these bags.  They are also great for cosmetics, art supplies, etc.

These vintage chenille bags are lined with a layer of fusible fleece for added support.  An iPad will fit inside.

These are pencil style lined zippered bags.  They are also great for vendors who want to carry their cash, phone and Square to process credit card sales.   All created with vintage linens.

These hand-dyed tablecloths will also be available at Sugar Plum Bazaar.   These lace or crochet tablecloths were once white or cream.  These are all estate sale finds that I thought could use a bit of color...

Monday, April 21, 2014

More Vintage Dress Pattern Ilustration Altered Dominoes Pendants

Isa Creations will be at Sugar Plum Bazaar  this Saturday and Sunday at the Parkside Mansion in Denver.  See Sugar Plum Bazaar postcard below for more detials.

More pictures of Vintage Dress Pattern Illustration Altered Dominoes Pendants...




Last Friday and Saturday finally got around to sewing more lined zippered bags to fit iPads and Nook/Kindle Fire tablets.  Along with pencil pouch bags/cosmetic lined bags.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine started to fail on Saturday.  I had to switch and use my daughter's starter sewing machine.  Rather loud but at least it works, unlike mine.

I had it repaired in the Fall but now it has other problems.  I will probably buy a new one on Wednesday and hopefully get more bags (Vintage Linens) sewn so they can be available for Sugar Plum Bazaar.

I will post pictures of the bags tomorrow....I hope!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Altered Domonies Pendents - Vintage Dress Pattern Illustrations

More photos of my newest handcrafted items.  Altering these dominoes was a learning experience but one that I enjoyed.

I have several shows coming up.  The first one is Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar, April 26 & 27 at the Parkside Mansion in Denver.  See postcard with details below.

Following weekend will be A Paris Street Market, May 3rd  in Aspen Grove in Littleton.  Then, the following weekend will be Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market, May10th at 46th & Tennyson in Denver.

Here are more pictures: