Monday, April 30, 2012

Laura's Confirmation & Etsy

This past weekend was busy but fun.  My sister and my two nephews, Tony and Santos came to visit us.  They arrived Thursday morning and stayed through late Saturday night.  My 14 year old daughter Laura celebrated her Confirmation last Thursday night at Light of the World Catholic Church.  My sister was her sponsor.  This was a special moment for Laura and my sister Gaby.  This coming weekend will also be very special.  My parents will be visiting from El Paso to be here when my 8 year old,  Alex  celebrates his First Communion.

I am proud to say this morning has been productive.  I have added many new totes and  vintage hankie dresses to my Etsy Shop, Isa Creations Vintage.  My sister Gaby is a great supporter of my work and always give me great encouragement.  She was very happy when she returned to El Paso with two tote bags, lavender scented sachet and many magnets.  I love making one of a kind items that my sister of all, I love giving them to her.

So, here is a glimpse at the items now listed on Isa Creations Vintage.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recently, I have received inquiries from my Etsy Shop, IsaCreationsVintage, about items I have on my blog, Pinterest Boards and or shows but are not currently listed in my Etsy shop.  I wish I had more time to continually add listing to my Etsy shop.  I certainly want to but I have not been successful at it.  Lately, as you may have notice from my most recent posting, I have been doing lots of sewing (Tote Bags) and not much in regards to adding listing to my Etsy shop

Usually, after I create a batch of inventory, I like to take pictures.  I try to take group pictures and closeup pictures of my work since most of it is one of a kind due to the type of materials I use.  Since most of the materials are from felted wool sweaters or vintage materials, this usually results in one of a kind items.  So, as a result of some recent inquiries I am going to try something new, an experiment of sorts.    I started to create sets of photos on my Flickr account, IsaWagner.

To date I have created these sets of photos of items I have available for sale but have not yet made it's to my Etsy shop.   I just listed a few sachets (small and larger size), paper dresses, vintage hankie and some of my new totes on my Etsy shop.  So, if you are interested in one of these type of items but would prefer a different color or style, then you can check out my inventory on the Flickr sets (links below).  All the photos are identified by an image number, so in the Etsy Conversation, please provide the IMG #.

FYI -  Since I took the Lavender Scented Sachets photos before the Sugar Plum Bazaar, there will be some Sachets I have already sold but you can always contact me via my Etsy shop, IsaCreationsVintage and ask me if an item you are interested in is available.  

Felted Wool & Vintage Lace Lavender Scented Sachets

Paper Dresses

Vintage Hankie Dresses


Tote Bags with Vintage Flair and or Ruffles

No Longer available - gave this to my Sister Gaby but added a new bag in it's place


Monday, April 23, 2012

Tote Bags with a Vintage Flair and or Ruffles

I completed many new tote bags. I have been sewing up a storm but having fun using many vintage embroidered linens, vintage crochet doilies, vintage lace and vintage jewelry. I buy so many of these materials at estate sales mostly because I just like them. It's a great feeling to finally use them to create something new. Up-cycling is something I truly enjoy.

I have also played with lots and lots of ruffles!  I have been thinking about making these tote bags with ruffles for many months now.  I used some of my favorite fabrics on these ruffles.  The only problem is I have too many favorites.  I find myself being "attached" to some of these bags but I know when it comes times for all the summer shows, I will be ready to part with them (assuming people even want to purchase them).

Too many pictures to add to this post so I thought I would try something different.

A Slide show using Flickr. When you click on one of the photos above, it will take you to my Flickr album "Tote Bags with a Vintage Flair and or Ruffles."  This will show you one photo at a time but you then have to click the next photo.  However, if you look on the right side column, and you click on the set "Tote Bags with a Vintage Flair and or Ruffles" then it will take you to where you can click on slideshow and view the photos in a slideshow format.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Totes Bags - Vintage Linens & Findings

Inspired by the latest issue of Haute Handbags by Stampington & Co., I've created some fun tote bags...perfect for a day of shopping.  Shopping at estate sales on a weekly basis is always a fun shopping surprise.  Generally, I have an idea of what type of items will be available at Estate Sales but there are always some type of treasure or another to find.  Most of the items I purchase are vintage linens, wooden thread spools, tart tins/jell-0 molds, vintage buttons, vintage jewelry...especially the old rhinestone type.

Sometimes I find things I am not sure how I will re-purpose but really like them and just believe I will figure it out later.  So, when I received the latest issue of Haute Handbags, I knew this was the perfect issue of inspiration for me.  I already had (still have more in progress) a bin fun of ruffled fabric I had ruffled with the intention of perhaps embellishing a pillow case, an apron or a tote.  This week, I've gotten busy creating tote bags with the ruffled material.  So far have one done (Black & White pictures below)...more to go.  The reason I only have one ruffled tote done is because I decided to play with some old vintage linens including a lace tablecloth to embellish tote bags.  Staying focused on just one thing is hard for me!

A new favorite of mine...if it does not sell I will keep it for me!

I love butterflies!

Old vintage tablecloth re-purposed...thinking of  dyeing the rest of it in color, but not sure..  still thinking.

Large rhinestone pin...missing a rhinestone but that's okay, right?
Another favorite of mine, like all the layers. 

Layers of tulle, vintage crochet doilie, felted wool flower and vintage rhinestone pin.

This one was just fun to make.  Found this pink crochet doilie last week at an estate sale.  Added a dress-form pin.

Felted Wool Dress-form embellished with crochet lace and rhinestones. I made 3 more pins to sell at upcoming shows.

Delicate Vintage lace with an embroidered butterfly...added rhinestones (used a vintage necklace).

Love how this lace just hangs.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Published, Again!

I am so thrilled to have two of my felted wool handbags published!  These butterfly handbags are special to me because my inspiration was my mom.  So, to have them been accepted by Haute Handbags is truly an honor for me.   I love all the publications by Stampington & Co., they inspire me.    A few months ago, using my ruffler attachment, I created many fabric ruffles.  This issue is so timely because it inspires me to finish those tote bags with ruffles I started some time ago.   I also have a stash of vintage embroidered linens that did not lend themselves to become pin cushions or dress-forms.... but now, thanks to this issue I am inspired to create handbags/totes.    This is one of my favorite issues to date.