Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Horseshoe Market

I am working on new items for A Paris Street Market this Saturday and for the Spring Horseshoe Market, May 11th.

Will have many new items, including:

Currently  working on re-purposing old wooden embroidery hoops and suitcases.

Working on several frames and other surfaces to create one of kind re-purposed Chalkboards.

Will have an assortment of hand-dyed vintage crochet linens, including several tablecloths.

Will also have an assortment of Vintage Blue Ball glass jars with decorative paper pinwheels & rosettes.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Paris Street Market...just around the corner!

In less than 2 weeks, it will be time for one of my favorite markets... A Paris Street Market!

I  hope that today's snowfall will be the last for this season.

I hope May 4th is a day with lots of rain and please, no snow!

Friday, April 19, 2013

More Pillows at Checkered Corner's A Splash of Spring

Today is the day!  Checkered Corner  is open for it's monthly sale.  I was not sure if I could get all the pillows I was working on completed, but I did it!

When I was working with the fabric dyes (Chenille), I decided to "play" a little by adding other vintage materials I have in my stash.  A creative experiment.  I liked the results...I hope you do too.

The yellow Chenille pillows completes my Cabin Craft Dyed Chenille pillow collection.  The blue and white pillows are created from a  re-purposed vintage tablecloth.

I completed these Wednesday night...Parisian print fabric pillows.

I have a little collection of vintage aprons I am now ready to sell.  This purple crochet vintage apron is my of my favorites.

An assortment of Vintage Aprons now at Checkered Corner...inside the closet in the upstairs bedroom where Isa Creations items are found.

Crochet, Sheer, Gingham, Embroidered.

 Dyed Vintage Crochet...also inside the closet (next to Vintage Apron and hand-crafted tote bags)

All these items will be available at

will be open
April 19, 20, 21
5650 South Curtice Street
Historic Downtown Littleton

Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 12 to 4

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Vintage Chenille Pillows & Painted Birdhouses at Checkered Corner's A Splash of Spring

I found 2 vintage chenille bedspreads during a recent visit to Warrenton, TX.  One is a bright pink (a beautiful floral design) and another is a blue and white with a great design.  Last week, Anita from Checkered Corner gave me a wonderful gift...a pink chenille bedspread.

Recently, I used  fabric dyes for the first time.  This is a new tool for me.  This has opened so many possibilities I never imagined before!

I learned a few things during the process of using fabric dyes. One of them was the reverse....using hot water with bleach (blended into the water) then adding the dyed fabric to lighten the color.  Since this month's theme at Checkered Corner is A Splash of Spring, I experimented with the bright pink Chenille bedspread Anita gave me.  I wanted to lighten the pink.  I cut the bedspread in half, kept half in it's original color and lighted the other half. I was happy with the results.

I only created 2 pillows.  I will be using the rest of the light pink Chenille for Nook/iPad lined zippered bags (with girls or houses as see in previous post, here and here).  I look forward to creating new lined zippered bags using this Vintage Chenille material.

I love the blue and white design of this Vintage Chenille:

I only created 3 pillows.  I plan to use some of this Blue and White Chenille to create more Nook/i-Pad lined zippered bags.

I found these 2 Cabin Craft  twin Chenille bedspreads at an estate sale a few months ago .  I used fabric dye(for the first time) to transform white Chenille into several spring several colors...

Light Lilac and a darker Lavender Pillows, along with a light Teal color

Painting these birdhouses was similar to using fabric dyes.  I think it's just the concept of giving something a new or different look .  Adding or changing colors of fabric or metal/wood  is a new tool I plan to continue to use in my future creations.

Finds from Warrenton, TX 

All these items will be available at

will be open
April 19, 20, 21
5650 South Curtice Street
Historic Downtown Littleton

Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 12 to 4

Many great items can be found at Checkered Corner.  Visit Checkered Corner's blog for more pictures.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Glass Milk Bottles & Pinwheels at Checkered Corner's A Splash of Spring

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to spend a day during Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton, TX.  Our Spring breaks are usually spent in Texas visiting family and friends.  Alex calls it the Texas Tour.  Our 2 day road trip from Littleton, CO to Houston TX....then to Austin...then San Antonio.  
After San Antonio, we were able to start our trip back home via Warrenton, TX.  It was a great day with June, her husband and my family.  June and her husband returned to San Antonio while we headed towards Lindale, TX (near Tyler, TX).
One of my best finds was two vintage milk crates with 2 dozen vintage glass milk bottles.  Earlier this week, I washed all the milk bottles.
This month, Checkered Corner is featuring a SPLASH OF SPRING!
  Although we have had lots of snow in the last few weeks, thinking of Spring inspired me to add a little something to the vintage glass milk bottles.  
These milk bottles would make great flower vases.  My rose bushes in the backyard have yet to bloom, so...naturally I decided to create something with paper.


Shredded dictionary paper inside the bottles

I found 3 vintage glass milk bottles at an estate sale last week.

All these items will be available at

will be open
April 19, 20, 21
5650 South Curtice Street
Historic Downtown Littleton

Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 12 to 4

Many great items can be found at Checkered Corner.  Visit Checkered Corner's blog for more pictures.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Preview Photos of A Splash of Spring at Checkered Corner

Checkered Corner will be open on

April 19, 20 & 21

A Splash of Spring

Some of my new items are:

Repurposed Trays into Chalkboards!

Come visit us at
5650 South Curtice Street, Littleton, CO (Historic Downtown)

reclaimed, repurposed & vintage collections for home and garden

Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday 12 to 4

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Splash of Spring at Checkered Corner in April

Checkered Coner will be open on

April 19, 20 & 21
A Splash of Spring

Come visit us at
  5650 South Curtice Street, Littleton, CO (Historic Downtown)
reclaimed, repurposed & vintage collections for home and garden

Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 12 to 4
 If you came by last month, you are in for a wonderful surprise as you walk in and see how Spring has arrived at the Checkered Corner.  Click on this link to see preview pictures of new things at Checkered Corner.

This month you will also see new things from me.

Chenille Pillows and Painted Bird Houses
 A few months ago, I found 2 Twin size Vintage Chenille Bedspreads at an estate sale.  These White Cabin Craft - Needle Tuft Chenille bedspreads have been freshly laundered (like all vintage linens I purchase).  The floral design on this Chenille is something I wanted to showcase.  The answer for me was....Pillows!

Thanks to a friend's suggestion, I dyed portions of the Chenille Bedspreads.  Since this month is a Splash of Spring, I dyed the Chenille in Spring pastel colors.   I did keep a portion of the Chenille in it's original white color and created 2 pillows.

The pillows are done with an envelope style slipcover which allows you to easily remove and wash.  Inside is a new pillow form with a zippered cover. 

The bling added to the pillows is something I am not sure about.  What do you think? Keep the Vintage/Vintage Inspired Rhinestone pins or remove them?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break in Texas Part VII - Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton

These are the last set of photos taken 3/30/13 in Warrenton, TX (Texas Antique Weekend).  After having lunch, June and her husband David returned home to San Antonio.  We stayed about 3 more hours...good thing we did because I found a great bargain when I found a crate with milk bottles.  It was such a good deal I would of loved to of purchased more than 2 crates but really, I am not kidding when I say we barely had room in the Excursion for these 2 crates.  I also found lots of little decorative keys which I will use on my Nook/iPad covers with houses on them.

We removed the canvas cover I had made since these milk crate/bottles were rather dusty and it would just fit better without the fabric liner.

We left Warrenton around 4:00 p.m. and were back on the road towards Lindale TX (near Tyler) -- Sunday we went to Canton, TX.  We were not sure what to expect at Canton's First Monday Trade Days.  David and I have only been to it once before...about 20 years ago.  A big storm was passing through the area in the morning and it was Easter Sunday.  After driving through torrential rain, we arrived in Canton as as the skies were clearing.

Canton's First Monday Trade Days is known as a HUGE flea market.  That is what I expected.  It's HUGE but not quit what I expected or remembered.  Many buildings have been added with areas of open field in between.  Not surprising, many vendors on the fields left the night before (thunderstorm was accurately forecast ed days before).  The few vendors on the fields were drying out...felt bad for them as a vendor myself I can sympathize.  I think the vendors on the field would of been mostly flea market type of items, with vintage treasures.  Many vendors were inside numerous buildings; however, most of them were  more retail style...not flea market.

Like I said, not what I expected.  We did meet a lovely couple inside one of those building who was selling many vintage wooden textile spindles and large vintage wooden thread spools.  I purchased two bags full of them (very happy).  In another building I also found some bling buttons, pins and keys...this was more of a splurge purchase because it was not a great bargain but I just had to have some.

Even David found a little treasure...a small collection of Peanuts glasses.  At the same booth, he found 2 Smurf glasses for my friend Staci.

I did not take pictures of these items at the time but maybe in a future post I will provide pictures of the vintage spindles and spools.

It may not of been what we were expecting but we are glad we took that detour before heading back home to Colorado.   Sunday afternoon we were back on the road home.  It really was a great trip...exhausting but great!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break in Texas Part VI - Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton

More photos of Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton, TX - Saturday March 30, 2013. You can find these items near and around Zapp Hall.

One more posting of photos from Warrenton in tomorrow's post.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Texas Spring Break Part V- Texas Antique Weekend - Warrenton

More photos from Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton, TX:

These photos are from a one of my favorite shops in Warrenton. I don't remember the name of it but I think it is right next door (or behind it) to  Granny's McCormick Yard..  Oh wait, I think on the photo I see a name...Winnie's! I loved not only the items they have for sale but also how they display their items.

Suitcases painted create a checkout table!! How Creative!
Wonderful way to display birdhouses and birds...I purchased 3 birdhouses and 3 red glass birds!

One of my favorite purchases...I think I may paint them, not sure.

Using Lampshades to display small items...buttons

More photos tomorrow.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Texas Spring Break Part IV - Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton, TX

A great day during Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton Texas...Saturday March 30th, 2013

IF I had about $960  (don't have) AND a place for this (don't have)  AND a way to take it home with  me (no room in the Excursion), I would of LOVED for this great storage piece to go home with me.  Put this in the Wish List category.

Loved this...again, will remain on my wish list!

These two Chenille bedspreads  have some damage  (negotiated a good price) ... happy they did go home with me.  I love them and look forward to re-purposing them.