Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break in Texas Part III - Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton

Our family was very fortunate to spend time with many old friends and family in what my son refers to as "the Texas Tour" -- Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  At the end of this "tour," we spent a day in Warrenton, TX in search of vintage treasure.

On Saturday, March 30th, June and her husband David were able to join us in Warrenton.  In one car (truck) was my husband David, Laura, Alex and June's husband David.  In the other car was June and me.  The 2.5 hour drive from San Antonio to Warrenton went very quickly, it always does when I am with June.

The scale of Texas Antique Weekend is difficult to describe simply because it is just HUGE!   A person would need days, don't know how many but several just to feel like you get a sampling of everything Texas Antique Weekend has to offer.  I was very happy with the small fraction I got to see.  I was just happy to be there!  Here is a map of the area:

My next few posts will just have pictures of our day in Warrenton, TX.  During this day, we shopped a small area in Warrenton near the Zapp Hall (and across the street from Zapp Hall)...that is how big this is!  Roundtop's population was 77 (2010) according to The Guide to the Roundtop Experience website.
In 2011 Warrenton's & Roundtop  area population was 90!  Two times a year, these little towns are host to as many as 50,000 visitors (according to The Guide to Roundtop Experience).

Now, the pictures:

My cart came in really handy.  I made a cover for it just before we left on our trip.  Purchased 2 Typeset drawers -- will have them available at Checkered Corner in April and A Paris Street Market in May

More photos tomorrow!

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