Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break in Texas, Part II - Antique shopping in Helotes, Texas

Last Friday I got to spend a day with my dear friend June....aka, Junebug!  Our day started by visiting Old Is Better than New in San Antonio.  I have never seen so many vintage doors and windows (immense variety, including beautiful stained glass). Although our Excursion is a large vehicle, space is limited when you consider we have luggage for 4 people for an 11 day road trip.  I feel in love with a very rustic green screen door (have not taken a picture yet but will post after I re-purpose it...I have a plan for it).  I highly recommend you check out their Facebook page for information on when it is open.

After shopping at Old is Better than New , we had lunch with June's friend and sister in Law.  It was nice to meet them, especially since I have heard great things about them from June.  After lunch, June and I visited a couple of vintage shops in Helotes, TX (near San Antonio).

First we were in The Chicken Coop.  The lady running the shop was very friendly and truly an artist.  Most of the items in the shop were her creations.  June and I loved so many things in the shop...we purchased a few of them!  Among those items, I  purchased a window frame with no glass and small hardware items.  I liked the idea of not having the glass since I was concerned it could break on our long road trip back home to Littleton, CO.  I wish I could of purchased more but space really was an issue and as it turned out, I would not of had room.  Our Excursion was packed to the max when we left Warrenton, TX Saturday afternoon (pictures of that day will be posted soon).

 Here are pictures from the Chicken Coop:

The Chicken Coop in Helotes, TX

These tins came home with me....


We shopped at a vintage shop just a few doors down.  Not Too Shabby is a sweet vintage shop.  June and I found two (what are the odds of that) identical cast iron mini bird baths.  We both loved them, so I purchased both...left one with June.  June and I are truly connected.  Although we now live miles away from each other, we frequently discover we purchase many of the identical items.  We make these discoveries after we have made the makes us happy!  Just such an example is the the blouse I am wearing in this photo...when she saw it, she laughed because she also has the exact same blouse. When I visit I find items she has that I have and vise's wonderful.

We both love our little bird baths....
Not Too Shabby is a wonderful little shop.  Here are photos:

If you find yourself in the San Antonio area, visit these wonderful vintage shops in Helotes, will not be disappointed when you visit The Chicken Coop and Not Too Shabby.

Next blog:  Pictures of Texas Antique Week in Warrenton, TX

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