Thursday, May 11, 2017

May- A Paris Street Market

The weather was perfect this past Saturday,

right up till the market closed at 3.

Then it got cloudy. David and Alex helped me load the u-haul van as it started to rain. Just before I collapsed the canopy tent, a strong wind gust hit. Thankfully both David and I were holding the canopy so it stayed in place. Thankfully all my inventory was packed before the rain arrived.

I will be a vendor at A Paris Street Market June- September and October. Here is the Market info I posted on Instagram last week

Grateful for my husband David who once again helped me setup. Alex and David also came after Alex's soccer game to bring me lunch. Enjoyed visiting with my friends -Amy of the Pink Attic Cat, Dale and Peggy, and Carla & Hannah.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bike Flour Sack Tea Towels

One of my favorite techniques is Sewing Illustration.

I've created tea towels using this technique.

Last year I made and sold out of all my camper tea towels.

Earlier this year I created tea towels with houses and blue ball jars with flowers.

I have many ideas on other tea towels I want to create.

They all take time to develop- create a pattern and a technique as to how create it.

One of those ideas is to create a bike tea towel.

I finally accomplished it and I am happy with the results.

Like the mix media inspired girl Mantra pillows, I used vintage crochet flowers. Mini crochet flowers in the bike basket.






Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mix Media Inspired Girl Mantra Pillows

Once again I find it hard to find time to properly blog.

I enjoy the creative part so much more, it's difficult to set aside time to handle all the social media. I think I do a better job with Instagram (especially since I have it linked to Isa Creations Vintage on Facebook).

My first outdoor market of the season was last Saturday-

A Paris Street Market

I'll post photos and details about that later.

Today, my post will be about my new mix media inspired Girl Mantra Pillows.

Although I rarely have time to paint, it remains one of my favorites.
I decided to experiment by painting three girls face and neck on canvas. Then I transformed my canvas artwork into fabric. I created various patters for hair.
I stitched everything together on a pillow. I added crochet flowers from vintage doilies. The back of the pillows is a tattered vintage quilt. Finally I stitched an inspirational Mantra. All the pillows have a zipper closure.
All the pillows are truly one of a kind-
Incorporate my own original artwork
These were rather labor intensive to create- I only hope people can appreciate the time and love that went into each handcrafted pillow.
Deconstructing doilies to get the crochet flowers made for a pretty photo.
Photos of my new mix media inspired pillows:)

Also created a few pillows from vintage Embroidered quits and table runner (house).