Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mix Media Inspired Girl Mantra Pillows

Once again I find it hard to find time to properly blog.

I enjoy the creative part so much more, it's difficult to set aside time to handle all the social media. I think I do a better job with Instagram (especially since I have it linked to Isa Creations Vintage on Facebook).

My first outdoor market of the season was last Saturday-

A Paris Street Market

I'll post photos and details about that later.

Today, my post will be about my new mix media inspired Girl Mantra Pillows.

Although I rarely have time to paint, it remains one of my favorites.
I decided to experiment by painting three girls face and neck on canvas. Then I transformed my canvas artwork into fabric. I created various patters for hair.
I stitched everything together on a pillow. I added crochet flowers from vintage doilies. The back of the pillows is a tattered vintage quilt. Finally I stitched an inspirational Mantra. All the pillows have a zipper closure.
All the pillows are truly one of a kind-
Incorporate my own original artwork
These were rather labor intensive to create- I only hope people can appreciate the time and love that went into each handcrafted pillow.
Deconstructing doilies to get the crochet flowers made for a pretty photo.
Photos of my new mix media inspired pillows:)

Also created a few pillows from vintage Embroidered quits and table runner (house).


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