Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Paris Street Market & Mix Media Halloween Houses

I will be at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove this Saturday, September 1st.

Since my mix media Halloween Houses sold very well at last week's Sweet William Market, I decided to make more for A Paris Street Market.  I already had four Halloween Houses in progress but this past Monday I went back to Michael's and purchased 6 more paper mache boxes.   So, now I have 10 new mix media Halloween Houses plus 2 unsold from last Saturday's Market.

I will have also new vintage linen pincushions.  My inventory was very low and as my daughter Laura pointed out last Saturday, "you need to make more!"  I am literally working on them now but decided to take a few minutes to post about the upcoming market and photos of the Halloween Houses.  Can I just say, these houses were fun to create .... and I just love them! Here are photos of my 10 new mix media Halloween Houses.  They are all different, with many details and finished with Silver German Glass Glitter.

Back of the Halloween Houses

Monday, August 27, 2012

More Mix Media Halloween Houses

I sold 4 of my Mix Media Halloween Houses at Sweet William Market.  Before the market, I took pictures of my fun Halloween Houses.  Here are the photos:

Sold at Sweet William

Sold at Sweet William

Sold at Sweet William

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sweet William Market Highlights

We had really nice weather at Sweet William Market.  The market was a bit slow, especially in the afternoon, but at least I got to visit with my friend Staci who had the booth next to me.  My daughter Laura also got more comfortable with checking out customers on her own.  Although she would rather handle the credit card sales than the cash sales.  As she will tell you herself, math and her are not friends!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halloween House III

Hopefully the weather today will be good since I will be at Sweet William Market today.  Laura will be with me to help me at my booth.  My friend Staci will also be at Sweet William Market, hopefully, her booth is next to mine.  It will be great if both our booths are next to each other.  Normally, Staci and I share booths but there are many markets that do not allow sharing of booths...Sweet William Market is one of them.   The last time Staci and I were at the same show at the same time was in March!

I managed to create 4 more mix media Halloween Houses.  I took photos but have not downloaded them yet.  I will take them to the market with me today.  I will post photos of those houses in later postings. Here are closeup photos of the third house:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Halloween House II & Sweet William Market

Tomorrow I will be at Sweet William Market.  It's located at Founders Green, Stapleton: 29th & Syracuse right in the heart of the Stapleton Neighborhood at the base of the 29th Avenue Town Center.

At this show, I will have some new Halloween items.  I will have my new Halloween paper dresses and several mix media Halloween Houses.  I created new up-cycled decorative stands to place the Halloween Houses. 

This is a closeup of one of  my new Mix Media Halloween Houses that will be available tomorrow:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mix Media Halloween House - Vintage Look

I found these paper mache houses at Michaels.  They were in the new Christmas section but when I saw them, I immediately thought of Halloween.  I love to create items for Halloween.  I decided to create more houses that I hope to have available for upcoming markets.  This is the first mix media house I created.  This one took me along time to create because I punched every layer of the roof.  This house, I will keep...I have too much time invested in this one to sell.

Closeup of the door

Closeup of the roof...many, many layers and some rub on details.

Closeup of a window

Closeup of another window

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School and Halloween Houses-Mix Media

This summer just flew by!  We did spent a month in Austin, but somehow, I can't explain where July and half of August went. Now, the kids are back at school.  Laura is now a sophomore at Columbine High School.  She completed her one week driving course in August...she now has a driving permit!!  As a mom, I am not prepared for this.  Alex, is now in third Grade.  On the first day( Monday, August 20th), he was a bit sad because he learned that now they only get one recess, rather than 2.  Laura wants to grow up too quickly; but, Alex (thankfully) is not in such a hurry.

Here are a few highlights of Alex's Star Wars and Clone Wars theme.  Alex composition notebooks and some school supplies are Lego themed.  Alex decided to get a bigger backpack but it's just solid colors rather than a themed (like Star Wars/Legos)  backpack -- I guess he is also growing up.

I have also been working on mix media Halloween Houses.  Here is a preview.  I plan to provide more detailed photos of each house in my next blog postings.  These were fun to make and rather addictive.  I have 3 completed but have many more in progress.  I wanted them to have a vintage look to them so I added silver German glass glitter.