Saturday, April 2, 2016

More mini embroidery Hoop Pendants and Vintage Embroidered Linens

My goal each week is find a balance to fulfill all my obligations.
This past week,
I worked 2 long days (one night till dawn) on the 6th grade memory book for my son's classmates. A digital book to be printed into 70+copies. Right now, this project is perhaps giving me the most stress. I am making progress (have to repeat that to myself).
I worked one day as a substitute teacher. Art class all day, that was fun!
I started work on my vintage embroidered pin cushions. My current inventory on pin cushions is ZERO! So, I definitely need to work on those. Progress...
This week I finished 28 more mini embroidery hoop pendants using Dandelyne's embroidery hoop pendants. Over the past 2 weeks, I have 85 embroidery pendants (various sizes and shapes) finished! Progress!
I also prepared the vintage embroidered linens with free-form stitching or sewing illustrations for 50 more mini embroidery hoops from Dandelyne. I ordered 50 more mini embroidery hoops. Since they are being shipped from Australia it may take another 2 weeks to arrive (hoping for a bit sooner). Anyway, when they arrive all I will need to do is put them all together. Again, progress!
Packaging of these vintage embroidered hoop pendants is also done! Thanks to my friend Amy of the Pink Attic Cat who has given me 100s of vintage card catalog cards to use in my packaging of the pendants. I also used digital images from Designer Digitals (printed them onto the card catalog cards). Progress!
Despite all this progress, I am still behind. I need to remind myself of something I always tell my daughter,
See life as a half full glass rather than half empty!
In other words, be grateful for the progress made this week and NOT focus on what remains to be done.