Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Valverde Bazaar May 2016

I am currently visiting my family in El Paso, Texas. My sister is next to me reading. We are just hanging out, much like when we were kids.

This post will have photos of my booth at Valverde Bazaar in Denver. Although the forecast indicated a good chance of rain, we were lucky. It did not rain. However, it was unusually COLD!

Definitely a rough start to my market season with the 2nd market in a row with no sunshine:(
I had one week to restock on my new Camper tea towels for Valverde Bazzar. Here is a picture of those new tea towels in progress.
During the week between A Paris Street Market and Valverde Bazaar something really nice happened. RJR fabrics liked my camper tea towels on Instagram (IsaCreationsVintage) posted a few weeks earlier. They sent me fabric from a new line, One Room Schoolhouse. I only had time to work with a small portion of the fabrics. I created 4 new camper tea towels using RJR's One Room Schoolhouse in Teal and Rose.
Here is closeup photos of the camper tea towels using RJR fabric -One Room Schoolhouse. As of today, they are all SOLD:). Last week I received a new fabric line from RJR fabrics - Everything But the Kitchen Sink. When I return home from El Paso I plan to create more Camper Tea Towels, among other things with that fabric line.

Back to Valverde Bazaar booth photos.

Grateful for no rain:)

As of today, all of the camper tea towels on this post are sold:) Thank you to all my customer:)


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Photos from May's A Paris Street Market

This blog post is over a month overdue.
  That's what happens when I am busy with day to day life plus sewing almost daily in an effort to fully stock my booth in time for all the markets in May 2016.   

The first one of the season was on Saturday, May 7th - A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove I was fully prepared for rain as the forecast promised almost a 100% chance rain at some point during the day.  Luckily for us in Littleton, the rain came late morning.  Some of my vendor friends at Horseshoe Market (further North) endured rain the entire day:(  

My husband and son woke up at dawn to help me setup my booth.  They later left for Alex's soccer game. Like I said, we were prepared for rain.  I setup all my walls on my canopy and had large plastic sheets ready to cover my vintage door displays.  I even joined all my door displays together with ties in case it got windy (usually does at these markets).   

What no one was prepared for (including my husband and son who dealt with this on the soccer field) was how COLD it was.  It was so cold, after the soccer game my husband came back to bring me my winter coat (and a delicious doughnut).   My favorite Harry Potter hoodie was simply not enough to keep me warm.

Despite the cold gloomy weather, I had a successful morning of sales.
  My new camper tea towels, camper pillows and vintage dress pattern bags were a great hit!
  So thank you to all who came in May.
I truly appreciate your purchases of my Handcrafted items!

Late morning, maybe around 12:30 or so the rain came.  Followed by hail!  Then more rain and wind!  Everyone ran for cover.  Soon after the hail, the market organizer came by to tell everyone we were done.  We could pack up and go home.  All I could think was....THANK YOU!  I was so grateful I could pack up and start the drying process at home hours early.  Plus, I was still cold!

My husband and son came back to help finish packing up and loading the U-haul van.  Then, they helped me spread out my inventory throughout the house to dry.  Not fun but necessary.   Although few things got wet from the rain, the humidity in the air was enough to leave things feeling damp.  

Despite the short market hours, I was Grateful for so many things.  
Sales were very good despite the weather!
Had lots of great help!
Happy to be home early!

So here are many photos of the day.  Lots of new inventory for the season. I will continue to be in Space #39 in June, September, and October.  I only do 4 of the 6 market dates.  I will not be at A Paris Street Market July and August. 
As of today, all of these camper tea towels are SOLD!
As of today, all of these tea towels are SOLD!

As of today, all of these tea towels are SOLD!
Vintage Dress Pattern Lined Zippered Bags with Charms

Vintage Hankie Scarfs, Vintage Lace Scarfs, Hankie Table-runners on left side.  On right, Solder Vintage Linen Pendants, House Coin Purses, Vintage Embroidered Sewing Illustration Embroidery Hoop Pendants.
Re-purposed Hexi Quilt Tea Towels, Vintage Doilie Table-runners, Vintage Hankie Table-runners
Vintage Hankie Table-runners and more Re-purposed Hexi Quilt and Quilt pieces Tea Towels
Inside the canopy - lots of vintage embroidered linen pin cushions and an assortment of pillows and red-work vintage linens.
I think my son Alex (12 years old) did a great job of displaying my vintage embroidered linen pin cushions and birds.
Altered Vintage Suitcases with vintage lace packages and vintage hankie garlands/buntings.


Vintage Dress Pattern Altered Dominoes Pendants
As of today, all 6 camper Pillows are Sold - including the Peacock Pillow.

Back side of the Vintage Door Hankie Display.  One side is mostly white Hankies.  The other side is mostly hankies with color.

As of today, all the camper pillows are SOLD!

Next blog post, Valverde Bazaar...