Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Valverde Bazaar May 2016

I am currently visiting my family in El Paso, Texas. My sister is next to me reading. We are just hanging out, much like when we were kids.

This post will have photos of my booth at Valverde Bazaar in Denver. Although the forecast indicated a good chance of rain, we were lucky. It did not rain. However, it was unusually COLD!

Definitely a rough start to my market season with the 2nd market in a row with no sunshine:(
I had one week to restock on my new Camper tea towels for Valverde Bazzar. Here is a picture of those new tea towels in progress.
During the week between A Paris Street Market and Valverde Bazaar something really nice happened. RJR fabrics liked my camper tea towels on Instagram (IsaCreationsVintage) posted a few weeks earlier. They sent me fabric from a new line, One Room Schoolhouse. I only had time to work with a small portion of the fabrics. I created 4 new camper tea towels using RJR's One Room Schoolhouse in Teal and Rose.
Here is closeup photos of the camper tea towels using RJR fabric -One Room Schoolhouse. As of today, they are all SOLD:). Last week I received a new fabric line from RJR fabrics - Everything But the Kitchen Sink. When I return home from El Paso I plan to create more Camper Tea Towels, among other things with that fabric line.

Back to Valverde Bazaar booth photos.

Grateful for no rain:)

As of today, all of the camper tea towels on this post are sold:) Thank you to all my customer:)


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