Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halloween House III

Hopefully the weather today will be good since I will be at Sweet William Market today.  Laura will be with me to help me at my booth.  My friend Staci will also be at Sweet William Market, hopefully, her booth is next to mine.  It will be great if both our booths are next to each other.  Normally, Staci and I share booths but there are many markets that do not allow sharing of booths...Sweet William Market is one of them.   The last time Staci and I were at the same show at the same time was in March!

I managed to create 4 more mix media Halloween Houses.  I took photos but have not downloaded them yet.  I will take them to the market with me today.  I will post photos of those houses in later postings. Here are closeup photos of the third house:

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