Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Hankie Dresses...A favorite.

A few days before the A Paris Street Market, I created about 20 new Vintage Hankie dresses.  Last thursday night, my friend Amy and I had craft night.  We always start out by having dinner then going to my craft room in the basement of my house.  Amy worked on some Disney scrapbook pages while I ironed.  Yes, I ironed ...but not clothes (that would not be fun or crafty!)  I ironed vintage hankies into vintage hankie dresses.  It is always fun to spend time with friends and be creative at the same time.

Here are pictures of my new Vintage Hankies...I sold several of them at A Paris Street Market.

Christmas Hankie Dress **Sold**
 The purple vintage hankie dress was larger than most hankie dresses.  Since purple is my favorite color, I really liked this particular hankie dress.  During the A Paris Street Market show, I told Laura during the early afternoon that I really liked this purple hankie dress and if it did not sell during the show, I would keep it for me.  She laughed and said, then you need to take it now because now that you said that, it WILL sell at the show.  I laughed.  Ten minutes later...it SOLD! 

Vintage Purple Hankie Dress **Sold**


  1. How cute! Are they just for decoration?

    1. Thank you. Yes, they are decorative. Customers have mentioned several of these hankie dresses would make great garlands, especially over a window in a little girls rooms or even a laundry room.