Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Estate Sale Bargains

Last week, the kids and I went to an estate sale.  I enjoy going to estate sales because you never know what kind of bargains you may find.  Sometimes, estate sales are very clean and occasionally, they can be rather messy.  Since I am very allergic to cats, I can always tell when a household had a cat.  When my allergies flare up, I know I have to be quick because the longer I stay in a home with "cat" the sicker I may become.  The esate sale we went to last week had, very smelly, very had to be a hoarder's home.  This sale was rather overwhelming just in the sheer quanitity of items for sale.  The only good thing was the prices.  I guess when you have so much to sell and the conditions not the best, you price to sell.  The kids and I managed to quickly look and pay for the purchases in less than 40 minutes...a record for me. 

Whenever I purchase items like vintage linens, lace, and hankies they go straight to the washing machine.  Everything I purchase gets washed!  Same for containers, tins, etc.

Would you be surprised to learn that I also wash the buttons!  The items I purchased this past week not only got washed with detergent, oxyclean and then just for good measure, everything got a generous spray of Febreze.  I know, I probably went overboard with the cleaning but I just had to make sure everything got cleaned. 

Here is a picture of all the buttons, threadspools and sewing maching attachments I purchased...after I washed them, I set them on the towel to dry. 

 A closeup of the Vintage Buttons...a great bargain!

 Sewing attach ments..a bag full of them for just $1!  I have a book that will tell me what each attachment is used for.

 Some of my favorite white Vintage buttons:

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