Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break in Texas Part VII - Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton

These are the last set of photos taken 3/30/13 in Warrenton, TX (Texas Antique Weekend).  After having lunch, June and her husband David returned home to San Antonio.  We stayed about 3 more hours...good thing we did because I found a great bargain when I found a crate with milk bottles.  It was such a good deal I would of loved to of purchased more than 2 crates but really, I am not kidding when I say we barely had room in the Excursion for these 2 crates.  I also found lots of little decorative keys which I will use on my Nook/iPad covers with houses on them.

We removed the canvas cover I had made since these milk crate/bottles were rather dusty and it would just fit better without the fabric liner.

We left Warrenton around 4:00 p.m. and were back on the road towards Lindale TX (near Tyler) -- Sunday we went to Canton, TX.  We were not sure what to expect at Canton's First Monday Trade Days.  David and I have only been to it once before...about 20 years ago.  A big storm was passing through the area in the morning and it was Easter Sunday.  After driving through torrential rain, we arrived in Canton as as the skies were clearing.

Canton's First Monday Trade Days is known as a HUGE flea market.  That is what I expected.  It's HUGE but not quit what I expected or remembered.  Many buildings have been added with areas of open field in between.  Not surprising, many vendors on the fields left the night before (thunderstorm was accurately forecast ed days before).  The few vendors on the fields were drying out...felt bad for them as a vendor myself I can sympathize.  I think the vendors on the field would of been mostly flea market type of items, with vintage treasures.  Many vendors were inside numerous buildings; however, most of them were  more retail style...not flea market.

Like I said, not what I expected.  We did meet a lovely couple inside one of those building who was selling many vintage wooden textile spindles and large vintage wooden thread spools.  I purchased two bags full of them (very happy).  In another building I also found some bling buttons, pins and keys...this was more of a splurge purchase because it was not a great bargain but I just had to have some.

Even David found a little treasure...a small collection of Peanuts glasses.  At the same booth, he found 2 Smurf glasses for my friend Staci.

I did not take pictures of these items at the time but maybe in a future post I will provide pictures of the vintage spindles and spools.

It may not of been what we were expecting but we are glad we took that detour before heading back home to Colorado.   Sunday afternoon we were back on the road home.  It really was a great trip...exhausting but great!

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