Friday, April 19, 2013

More Pillows at Checkered Corner's A Splash of Spring

Today is the day!  Checkered Corner  is open for it's monthly sale.  I was not sure if I could get all the pillows I was working on completed, but I did it!

When I was working with the fabric dyes (Chenille), I decided to "play" a little by adding other vintage materials I have in my stash.  A creative experiment.  I liked the results...I hope you do too.

The yellow Chenille pillows completes my Cabin Craft Dyed Chenille pillow collection.  The blue and white pillows are created from a  re-purposed vintage tablecloth.

I completed these Wednesday night...Parisian print fabric pillows.

I have a little collection of vintage aprons I am now ready to sell.  This purple crochet vintage apron is my of my favorites.

An assortment of Vintage Aprons now at Checkered Corner...inside the closet in the upstairs bedroom where Isa Creations items are found.

Crochet, Sheer, Gingham, Embroidered.

 Dyed Vintage Crochet...also inside the closet (next to Vintage Apron and hand-crafted tote bags)

All these items will be available at

will be open
April 19, 20, 21
5650 South Curtice Street
Historic Downtown Littleton

Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 12 to 4

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