Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break in Texas Part I...Dinsosuars, Faberge & Birthday Celebrations

When we left home Thursday early evening, the snow & fog in Kansas slowed us down but the Wagner's kept on going.  We even took a brief tour of Baylor University in Waco Texas before we arrived in Houston, Texas late Friday night.

Saturday morning my little boy was 9 years old!  Since it was his birthday, Alex got to chose where we and the Heddens family would go.  No surprise...a visit to the Museum of Natural Science.  We loved the Dinosaur and Faberge Exhibit.  Saturday evening we all sang Happy Birthday to Alex and enjoyed a delicious cake prepared by Tina, Alex's godmother.  Great photo of both our families (set the camera to take photos on a timer so even I was in the group photo!)

Sunday, we attended Mass (Palm Sunday) and had a great time hanging out with the Heddens.  Staying with the Heddens while we are in Houston is always great fun for everyone.  The biggest challenge is having the kids go to sleep because Laura and Alex don't want the time spent with Zach and Jayme to end.

Monday we got to spend time with some of our old friends in Houston, including the Rogers Family and the Wilson Family.  Took lots of great pictures of our friends.

 After dinner with the Wilson's, we drove back to our old street on Emerald Isle.  Several of our old neighbors were out in the culdesac.  It was really nice to see many of our old friends and neighbors from our old street. 

It has been almost 7 years since we moved.

It had been almost 7 years since we had seen the Reeds, the Buggs, the Constants and the LeBlancs (although we had seen Cathy about 4/5 years ago).  Took a great group photo which I hope to post on Facebook later (have not downloaded that photo onto my laptop yet).

I wish I could post all the great group photos I have taken of Alex's birthday and time with old friends and neighbors in Houston, but it has been my practice not to post personal photos on my blog due to my husband's work. This is one of those blog postings where I wish I could share those photos but I must remind myself I can't.

So here are the photos I can share:

On Tuesday morning, we left Houston and drove to Austin, Texas.  We got to spend the day with my mother in law and brother in law.  Today, we also got to spend the day with them, but in the evening all the Wagner's gathered together to celebrate Alex's birthday.  We enjoyed a small chocolate cake with Ruth (mother in law), Richard (brother in law) and Chris and Haleigh (nephew/niece).  It was a sweet family gathering, our first one since last June. More great family photos taken (again, wish I could share them on my blog)

Tomorrow morning, we will visit Grandpa Wagner at his final resting place.

Tomorrow afternoon, we have plans to have lunch with our friend and former next door neighbor, Cindy in San Antonio.  By tomorrow evening, we will be with Junebug (in San Antonio)!  One of my best friends sister of the heart.  We will be at June's home Thursday and Friday night.

I am looking forward to my day with June on Friday!  It will be a girls day!

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