Monday, March 4, 2013

Re-purposed Tattered Quilt

I found a tattered quilt at an estate sale about a month ago.  It was a bargain!  After I washed it, I realized this quilt was much more delicate than I realized.  After it was washed...well, it got even more tattered.

This tattered quilt is now Easter Eggs and more Lined Zippered Bags for Nook, Kindle Fire and mini iPad (also great for storage like cosmetics, art supplies, etc).

Along side the tattered quilt eggs, I also created Easter Eggs from vintage Chenille bedspread.

Chenille Egg inside a French Egg Carrier

The lined zippered bags created using the tattered quilt was more challenging that I originally anticipated.  As I worked on them, I realized I needed to add layers of crochet doilies to the bags to help protect the more delicate areas of the quilt.

I love the fabric by Christy Tomlinson, I think it's called Bella's Dream.   The text fabric is from Sweetwater.   I have many more of these in progress.  I have a few with girls on them, but most of the lined zippered bags created using the tattered quilt are Houses...all with keys on the zipper pull.

My Nook is well protected in this quilted bag (also has an added layer of fusible fleece for added protection).

All of these items will be available at Sugar Plum Bazaar  this weekend, March 9 & 10 at the Parkside Mansion (1859 York Street, Denver, CO)  ..rain, snow or shine....although the early forecast indicates it will be SNOW!  I will be there...hopefully our customers will be there too!

These will also be available at the grand opening of Checkered Corner on 5650 South Curtis in Downtown Littleton on March 15, 16, & 17th.    Checkered Corner will be opened on the third weekend of each month (except in December when it will be open December 13, 14, & 15).

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