Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Inspired Easter Baskets

On Tuesday, I planned on going over to the Checkered Corner house on downtown Littleton to paint the bedroom upstairs...future home of Isa Creations for the next year.  The weather forecast, light snow...expect very little.  Ha!  If you live in Colorado, you learn the weather forecast is not as dependable as one would like.

As I was gathering all my painting supplies, the ladder....  well, I asked myself  why?  Why deal with the snow when I really don't have to.  The snowfall was  much heavier and lasted most of the day.  I am so glad I switched plans.  I stayed home and finished my Vintage Inspired Easter Baskets.

It was a messy project, glitter and paper shred everywhere!  I printed lots of vintage Easter graphic cards, several  different sizes.

I  decoupaged paper mache and some plastic eggs using a French Dictionary paper with German Glass Glitter on one end of the egg.  I folded sewing pattern paper and gift wrap tissue then created a shredded edge with scissors.  I created  ruffled crepe paper using my sewing machine.  On some of the peat pots, I decoupaged French Dictionary paper.   I added glitter to little clothespins.

This project was similar to a recipe.  Create key ingredients, then mix them all in to create unique little Easter baskets.   I will have these available at Sugar Plum Bazaar on March 9th and 10 and also at the grand opening of Checkered Corner on March 15, 16 & 17, 2013. For more information on Sugar Plum Bazaar go here and Checkered Corner here.

Decoupaged with French Dictionary Paper -Egg and Peat Pot

Small little peat pots with little glittered eggs and chicks.
Added a little bling to these little peat pot baskets with vintage inspired postcard

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  1. You truly are gifted with creative hands, Isa! These are really pretty easter eggs and baskets! I can’t imagine you made almost everything with shredded paper! You did an amazing job!

    Ruby Badcoe