Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Inspriation

I love the on-line classes I have been taking from Christy Tomlinson.  I love her creative spirit and ease in which she teaches  various techniques in Mix Media.  I completed  the on line class, She had Three Hearts: Art  Journaling Workshop 
 a few weeks ago.  

Then I started another workshop, The art of Wild Abandonment by Junelle Jacobson and Christy Tomlinson.  I love it!

However, I am still on week 1 of the The art of Wild Abandonment workshop because much like my little boy Alex...I got sidetrack!!

I had to stop watching and needed to start a creative Art journal.  A re-purposed journal from a book.  I found the perfect book.  It's a sewing book.  I spent time preparing it by removing pages.  I decoupaged several pages together to create a thicker page, then added either clear or white gesso.  I applied some mix-media techniques I learned from these on line classes to decorate the cover of my new Art Journal.

I love chalkboard art.  The black on the cover is chalkboard paint.

 I painted the inside cover with chalkboard paint and just had fun with it.  I sealed the page with a fixative so the chalk will not smear. 

 I also created two more fabric art journals.  The inside pages have been primed with gesso and are ready to use.
 Now, this is where I got even more sidetrack.

 Several things came together.  Christy Tomlinson's on-line classes, Christy Tomlinson's new fabric line (I think it's called Bella), recent estate sale finds of lace tablecloth, a vintage cream chenille bedspread and even an old tattered quilt (tattered quilt projects still in early stages).  Combine all those elements and you get my newest creations.

 Rather than working on canvas (which I plan to do) I went straight to fabric.  This decision was made in preparation to bring new Spring items to Sugar Plum Bazaar on March 9th and 10th at the Parkside Mansion in Denver.

Lined Zippered bags. 

Originally, I thought they would make cute cosmetic bags and or art supply bags.  All the bags are lined.  This adds time but I think it's time well spent.  The finished product is more stable and finished.

When I travel, I can put various painting mediums inside.

Then I realized, quit by accident that my Nook e-reader and my daughter's Kindle Fire fit right in!    So I did some on-line research and learned that most of the reader's and the mini-i pad can be stored inside these zippered pouches. 
 A preview of what I have recently created.  I will add more photos in the the coming days.
To be honest, it has been a while since I have felt so motivated to create.  I am loving creating all of these new zippered pouches with vintage textiles.  I am inspired....which usually leads to lots of productivity.

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