Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Source of Inspiration

The lined zippered bags which can be used for cosmetics, art supplies and even electronic readers like Nook and Kindle Fire were inspired from various sources.

 Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, much of it came from on line classes I have taken from Christy Tomlinson.  Another source of inspiration is from Jeanne Oliver, whose on-line class I took last year.  I love to work with mix-media although I don't get to do play with it nearly as much as I would like (there just isn't enough hours in the day).

When  I have time to play with mix-media for my own personal gratification, I am always thinking about how I can incorporate that with my small business... Isa Creations.

Perhaps one of the greatest sources of inspiration comes from materials I find at estate sales.  I literally let the "materials" speak to me.  Having recently found slightly damaged/stained lace tablecloths, I knew I had to create something with them.  When I found a lovely cream vintage chenille bedspread (it still had a paper tag from the 50's inside the bag), I knew it had to be transformed.

Almost like a recipe, I  combine artistic inspiration from on-line classes, vintage materials gathered and some special illustrations and you have my most recent creations for Isa Creations.

 I come from a very creative family.  The artistic gene definitely runs strong in my family, both mother and father.  My mom is a self taught seam-stress who created wonderful wedding dress without a need for a pattern.  She only needed an illustration or drawing and then she would create beautiful gowns.  Sadly, my mom's diabetes has affected her eye sight....she no longer sews.

My dad is a welder....he created wonderful works or art with iron/metal.  My dad's arthritis prevents him from doing much welding these days.   My brother was lucky to receive the drawing gene.  Several of my dad's brothers had that drawing gene, as does my son Alex.  I however, was not blessed with the drawing gene.  I am artistic in my own way, but the ability to draw has always eluded me.

However, I have learned techniques which allow me to take an image, make adjustments and use it.  That is what I did for these lined zippered bags.   You can see the source of the inspiration for my designs .... I used old vintage pattern designs.  The Bride illustration is from an old tattered brides catalog from the 50's (an estate sale find). 

Zippered bags in progress... (Vintage lace tablecloth and black wool = estate sale finds)

Wedding dress illustration  from the 50's, adapted to create this...

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