Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lined Zippered Bags -- Perfect for Nook and iPad

This last week has been another productive week.  I have created many more one of a kind lined zippered bags.  I love the versatility of these little bags.  They can be used for

art supplies


smaller tablets like Nook, Kindle Fire and iPad mini.

I have also created larger size lined zippered bags for the iPad.

The bags have a layer of fusible fleece for added layer of protection.  The next few days, I hope to post pictures of my new bags.

These are the right size for the Nook, Kindle Fire, iPad mini or similar:

These bags were created using vintage lace tablecloth and black wool (both purchased at Estate Sales -- I wash everything I purchase at estate sales then it becomes part of my materials stash to create).  I love ruffles and lace, these lined zippered bags reflect that:

The top portion of the dress is lace from a vintage tablecloth.  Little rhinestone on the hair bun is also an estate sale find.

This larger size lined zippered bag is large enough to accommodate an iPad:

I look forward to having my new lined zippered bags at Sugar Plum Bazaar at the Parkside Mansion on March 9th and 10th. Here is the info...hope you can come to this event where many great vendors can be found.

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