Friday, February 22, 2013

Checkered Corner in Downtown Littleton, CO

I have great news to share.

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful invitation to become one of the vendors at a new shop in historic downtown Littleton, Checkered Corner.

Some of you may recall I briefly was a part of Alamo Antiques, also in historic downtown Littleton  (November & December 2012).  Sadly, Alamo Antiques closed it's doors at the end of December.

One of the other vendors at Alamo Antiques was Patrice.  Now, Patrice along with Anita are leasing a historic home in downtown Littleton.  I am so excited to embark on this new venture.

For the next year, you can find Isa Creations in an upstairs bedroom inside this lovely historic home which is now home to Checkered Corner.

You can visit Checkered Corner's blog here.

I have included information from the blog here as well:

Here is a picture of the House (before)
Anita and Patrice have been working on the house to get it ready for it's grand opening on March 15, 2013.
I plan on going next week to paint the bedroom upstairs where you will find my handcrafted items, Isa Creations.

Here is a picture of the upstairs bedroom....future home to Isa Creations.

Checkered Corner will be open on the following dates:


Save the dates, especially March 15 and come visit us at Checkered Corner!


  1. Looking forward to it and buying one or more of those adorable zippered bags at the Sugar Plum event!

    1. Joyce, I look forward to seeing you at Sugar Plum Event.