Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage Dress Pattern Illustrations Altered Dominoes Pendants

In less than two weeks, I will have my first show of the season.  Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar will be at the Parkside Mansion at 1859 York Street, Denver on April 26 & 27, 2014.  I just finished packaging my newest creation of

Vintage Dress Pattern Illustrations 

Altered Dominoes Pendants.

I have created many more than I anticipated, I will explain why in a minute.

Believe it or not, the photo above is just a sampling.  I think I created about 80+ different designs and about 240 in total.  Crazy, I know!

I love old vintage dress patterns.  Whenever I see them at estate sales, I get them.  I have also found some at the thrift store.  More recently, I purchased 3 Vintage Home Catalogs on Ebay.  I started by scanning all of the patterns.  Editing was done as many of  the patterns or illustrations were in less than pristine condition.  After editing, I cropped the image to fit a dominoes; then I re-sized them to print in a 2 x 1 image.  I know, it was a lot of steps and time but I wanted the original images onto my altered dominoes pendants.

I had collected many more patterns than I realized.  I had so many that I only scanned 1 of the 3 Home catalogs because I just got tired of scanning and editing....I wanted to get to the really fun part, altering the domonies.

The reason I ended up with so many altered dominoes is the first batch of 100+ were done using a dimensional glaze by Ranger.  Turns out, overnight out of nowhere, bubbles formed on the dominoes.  I was not happy with the results at all.  In fact I was very disappointed because when I applied the glaze, I either had no bubbles or had popped the few bubbles I could see.  The fact that the glaze developed all these bubbles overnight was deflating.

Despite the setback, I was determined to find a way get these altered dominoes done right!  A little bit of research and bit of faith in my skills, I decided to apply resin to the altered dominoes.  For best results, using the resin also required I purchase a mini gas torch.  That was actually scary.  However, it's the carbon dioxide in the gas torch that eliminates any bubbles in the resin.  So I continued to move forward with resin and mini gas torch and created ANOTHER batch of 100+ altered dominoes.

I am very happy with the resin results.  The initial batch of 100+ dominoes with the glaze really looked bad next to the resin dominoes.  Not wanting to waste anything, I salvage those dominoes by re-doing them and this time using the resin.  So, although I started out with a goal of 100+ altered dominoes for the Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar, I ended up with twice as many.

Initially, I was just going to create the pendants and have chains available for sale separately.  I thought I would place the altered dominoes pendants in bowls or trays at my booth.  However, my space at Sugar Plum Bazaar is the smallest one I have ever had.  The spaces are assigned and I never know what size I will end up with.  So, taking into consideration the limited booth space, I decided the best way to display these pendants is to clip them to one of the my display door frames with chicken wire.  This meant, I needed to package each pendant in it's own little clear bag.

I was going to cut white card-stock and attach the pendant to it.  Then I realized, I had all the vintage patterns already digitized!  I decided to take the extra step and take the time to print the pattern image on card-stock.  This final step was more time consuming that I thought, but almost everything I do is that way.  The packaging and the altered dominoes MATCH!  What do you think?

These are vintage patterns to create wedding dressed for Barbie!

Sometimes, I do think I take more time than I should when I create many of my hand-crafted items.  I have high expectations of myself and I hope my customers can see that and appreciate that extra step and effort.

So there you have it, the story behind my Vintage Dress Pattern Illustrations - Altered Dominoes Pendants.  You can find them at my next show, Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar.

While I get back to sewing more items I want to have at Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar, I will continue to post additional photos of my new altered dominoes the next few days.

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