Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet William Market May 26, 2012

Sweet William Market was an important learning experience for me.  First of all, setting up a canopy for an outdoor market booth  for the first time was not easy at all (most stressful part of my day).  Thankfully, other vendors near me came to the rescue...thank you!   I picked up some pointers so next time I hope we will be able to get the canopy up on our own (fingers crossed).  My daughter Laura was an exceptionally great help...thank you Laura!

I missed Staci, this is my first show without her.  Due to scheduling conflicts, this summer we will do a few shows together (share booth), others where our booths will be next to each other (show does not allow booth sharing) and some where it is just one of us like this past week at Sweet William Market.  The market was a little slow but did pick up a little into the late morning....then, the notorious Denver winds showed up!  Oh my, it got windy very quickly!  Thank goodness for the  15lb weights (for each post) my hubby got for me so at least my canopy was secure...can't say the same for all my displays.  The vintage embroidered birds took flight!  Thankfully no damage, just a little frazzled.   It was great to have Lisa, Sophie and Sherril (yep, three generations!) come visit our booth...they helped keep some of the displays safe from the wind!  As usual, took lots of pictures of my booth.  If you want to see all the photos I took, you can see them on Flickr...Sweet William Market Set.

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