Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Summer Horseshoe Market

Paticipating at the Summer Horsehoe Market this summer is something I am looking forward to this summer.  This will be my first time as a vendor at this market.   My daughter Laura will be my helper during the Summer Horseshoe Market on July 14th, from 9 to 4.  We will remain in Austin, Texas for 2 more weeks, so I will only have a few days to prepare for this market, but that's okay.   The important thing is that I will be back home in time to be a part of this wonderful market! 

This also means my Etsy shop will remain on vacation mode until we return. Update:  Decided to open my Etsy shop again since I have applied for other markets this fall.  As part of the application process, my Etsy shop also functions as my "porfolio."   

All I am hoping for at this time is for good weather and the high winds to stay away from the market. I know it may be silly to worry about such things but I have learned what a huge difference the weather can make during any outdoor market.  You can find  the Summer Horseshoe Market facebook page here.

I found this cute map at the Horseshoe Market website. The Market Location is

Olinger Moore Howard Parking Lot
4345 West 46th Avenue

Denver, CO 80212

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