Monday, May 5, 2014

A Paris Street Market Booth -Saturday May 3rd

This past Saturday, I had many firsts at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove.

First time I had to rent a U-Haul van to take all my stuff to the market since we no longer have the Ford Excursion and still dealing with insurance on a replacement vehicle (rollover accident on the Excursion over Spring Break March 22nd). 

Thankfully, my friend Lisa was able to drive me to pick up the U-haul van and helped me load it up at home while Alex, David and Laura were at the school (GRE Elementary) carnival Friday evening.  Laura was volunteering (needed the hours to fulfill her Honor Society community service hours). 

Since Laura was taking a practice AP test on Saturday, she was not able to help me at the market like she has in the past.  David, my husband, came with me and helped me unload and setup the booth.  He left around 8:00 a.m. so he could be home with Alex and Laura could leave for her test.    Thankfully, my friend Lisa came late morning to help me.  With Lisa there, I was able to take a needed bathroom break and she went and got us both lunch.  It's great to have a friend at the show!  Laura came to the show the last hour, she helped me pack up my booth.  Around 4 p.m. David and Alex came over and helped me load the U-Haul van.  Usually, at A Paris Street Market it just Laura and me...this time with was the entire family.  Very grateful for their help.  Lisa is like family so she I include her in thanking my family for all their help.

I want to thank all the lovely ladies who shopped at my booth. My new vintage illustration altered dominoes were very well received.  I appreciate all the positive feedback!  Thank you to everyone who came to support all of us at A Paris Street Market!

Lots of dyed doilies ....lots of new colorful dyed buntings...

White Vintage Hankies ... makes me think of wedding dresses.

My next show is this coming Saturday, May 10th.  I will be at Horseshoe Market.  Here is the info and the link.

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