Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haute Handbags - I got published!

Lots to catch up on, but first...

I am so happy my vintage embroidered re-purposed clutch handbags were published by Haute Handbags, Autumn 2014 issue published by Stampington & Co.

I received my issue of Haute Handbags  last week.  I wanted to immediately write a post on my blog about it but I just did not have time until now.  I am very happy Haute Handbags continues to publish my work.

Quick update (or maybe not so quick):

After the September A Paris Street Market, June and I went shopping for Christmas fabric to create a whole series of Christmas garlands incorporating vintage lace tablecloths which I dyed green, red, brown, grey.    I got busy cutting and sewing the individual garland banners.

I thought I was doing well, getting an early start on Christmas and would have plenty of new items for the October A Paris Street Market. It was not to be.

Mid September, I was asked to substitute teach for 2 days plus I was scheduled additional days here and there as substitute paraprofessional and teacher.  Due to unexpected surgery complications, the teacher I was subbing for needed more time to recover.  I was happy to help out and continued extending my substitute teacher assignment.   My assignment lasted 11 days.   In order to have continuity, our school principal asked I stayed on with the same 3rd grade class while other substitutes took the previous assignment I was originally scheduled for.

Love the 3rd grade class, a bunch of great kids!  I already had a lot of respect for teachers in general but now I have so much more respect for what they do.  I had great help from the other 3rd/4th grade teachers and the school's literacy coach who helped me with lesson plans.  I love working at my neighborhood elementary school.  The staff is very supportive and I was  happy I was able to stay on as long as I could.  Thankfully, the 3rd graders have their teacher back and everything is returning back to normal.

During this time, I got very little done with my Christmas garlands.  I also started work on preparations for my parents 50th Anniversary Party this coming weekend!

I have worked on creating many decorations and spent many evenings and nights going through photographs (scanning old photos plus searching through my computer files) to prepare several surprises for my parents.  It has been a labor of love.

I did manage to get a small assortment of Christmas garlands in time for the October A Paris Street Market.  Thankfully, they were well received and will continue to work hard to get them all done by the next show.

Tomorrow, I will fly to El Paso, TX.  I will bake and decorate my parents 50th Anniversary cake.  Who knew it would take so much time to make the final preparations, including gathering all my cake supplies/tools.   I wish my kids and husband would come with me to El Paso, TX to celebrate my parents 10th wedding anniversary; sadly, it is not possible.   Hopefully, next week when I return I will get back on track and blog regularly.

Here is a pictures of some of my new Christmas Garlands at this past weekend's A Paris Street Market.  Thanks to everyone who came to support me.  It was a great show and grateful so many customer purchased by Halloween and Christmas Garlands!

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