Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pink Attic Cat and Isa Creations at The Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, CO

A great experience this past weekend at the Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, CO.  This was the first time the Vintage Whites Market was held in Colorado.  Although predicting attendance with well established shows is never something you can really do, you are optimistic it will continue to have a strong attendance.

I was blown away with the level of attendance this past weekend at the Vintage Whites Market at the Ranch in Loveland, CO!  It was literally non stop for the first 3 hours on Saturday, January 10th!  A huge thanks to the organizers of the Vintage Whites Market for this great show!  Many thanks to all the people who attended, especially many of Amy's (Pink Attic Cat) customers who drove to Loveland from Littleton, CO. 

I especially want to thank my friend Amy, owner of the Pink Attic Cat who made it possible for Isa Creations to be at the Vintage Whites Market.  During the past year, a sampling of Isa Creations has been at the Pink Attic Cat in downtown Littleton.

Since March 2014, when my family and I were in a rollover accident due to black ice on our way to Texas,  we lost our dependable Ford Excursion Truck which was completely totaled.  However, thanks to God, that truck held enough to keep my family safe as we pretty much walked away from the accident.   We have not replaced that truck.  During the past summer, we purchased a used car for my daughter who will be going away to college August 2015.    Having done many shows this past summer, fall and winter, I can tell you I have missed that Ford Excursion.  I now have to rent a U-Haul van for every show and although the actual rental fee is not too bad, that mileage sure adds up and adds to the expense of every single show.

When the opportunity came to apply for the Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, all I could think about was the number of miles (60) from Littleton to Loveland and the fact that it would be a 3 day rental.  I love to create many one of a kind items by re-purposing a variety of vintage materials, especially vintage embroidered linens.  Everything that has been re-purposed and has an Isa Creations tag is created by me, no one else.  I love what I do, but honestly I probably make more money when I work as a substitute teacher at my neighborhood elementary school.  Keeping my show expenses to a minimum is very important.

Since you can find many Isa Creations items already at the Pink Attic Cat storefront, Amy thought why not at a show?  This solved my concerns of the large expense I would incur by having to rent a U-haul van.  We share expenses, the labor to setup the booth and have fun while doing it all.   I enjoyed spending time with Amy and her husband Greg, as well as the rest of her family (her mom, dad and son Tyler).

Here are many pictures of a double booth at the Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, CO.  The Pink Attic Cat and Isa Creations.

Amy and Greg of the Pink Attic Cat

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