Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Market Dates for Isa Creations

Every year I challenge myself to create new Christmas items created with a mix of vintage and new materials. It's only in the last week where most of my inventory has finally come together. Lots of late nights.

I am a night owl, which is very helpful to create. I find many days get away from me. Either by working as a substitute teacher a few days a week (although last week I only subbed 1 day and this week I have plans to not sub at all), or taking care of my family and home. At night, I can create with little to no interruptions.
I still have lots to finish up and like every year, my list of what I want to create and what I actually create is not the same.
I hope my customers will be pleased with the new handcrafted items I have created.
It reflects my love of houses, campers and miniatures.
This year you will find lots of silver along with gold.
Putz Inspired Paper Churches
Bottle brush trees dyed in various colors.
Lots vintage and vintage inspired Snowmen and Angels
Lot of Mini Snow-globes (Glass and Plastic)
Paper Clay Snowmen
Lots and lots of ornaments
I will post preview pictures in coming days.
You can find many of my preview photos on Instagram.
Please visit IsaCreationsVintage Instagram.

You can also see photos posted in my last blog post, where I had samples ready for the re-opening of the Pink Attic Cat. Here is the link.
I am happy to be a part of three wonderful Christmas Markets this year. Sugar Plum Bazaar, Horseshoe Holiday Market and Rue de Noel, A Paris Street Christmas Market. A sampling of my items can also be found at the Pink Attic Cat through December 20th. Below is the market details for each.
Sugar Plum Bazaar is this weekend!

The following weekend, right after Thanksgiving is Holiday Horseshoe Market, Saturday ONLY.

Then, the following weekend (which is the first weekend in December) is Rue de Noel which is on Friday and Saturday.

Here is a preview or one of my favorite ornaments. Vintage spun cotton head and arms with new spun cotton body on a vintage clip.

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