Thursday, May 27, 2010


About two months, after reading my friend Rachel Carlson's blog, I decided to go check out one of her favorite shops .... Fancy Tiger Crafts. The Fancy Tiger blog is a favorite of mine as well. This wonderful shop is located near downtown Denver. Such a fun and creative place. I spent alot of time going through their huge selection of books. I purchased a book by Tone Finnanger.... Sew Sunny Homestyle.

Staci and I loved the book so much, Staci went on Ebay and found two other books by Tone Finnager. Staci purchased Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle and Sew Pretty Homestyle. I have borrowed the books from Staci, so I currently have all three books!

More recently, Donna Downey also posted some projects on her blog from Tone Finnager. This is my version of these cupcakes! I struggled with the bottom part and finally accepted they were not going to be perfect looking cupcakes!

Here is the cover of that book with cupcake instructions and pattern.

Here is a sneek peak at another Tone Finnanger project I am currently working on.

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  1. did you not LOVE the fancy tiger!!?? my favorite place. a friend recently sent me a giftcard for FT and i spent it almost immediately. i LOVE FT. and of course, i LOVE cupcakes.