Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative Craft Nights with Junebug!

When June came to visit from San Antonio, Texas this past weekend, we just had a great time. Unfortunately, the change in altitude affected June and she had to take a nap in the late afternoon or early evenings. Thankfully, after her nap, she felt better and we were able to spend some time crafting Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

June recently opened a shop on Etsy. It's The June Leyen where, among other things, she sells felted wool, yoyo and button pins. Very much like the one I made here:

When we went to the Creative Needle, I purchased a yoyo butterfly maker. I tried it out on a soft cashmere felted wool sweater material. It took some tweaking but in the end I was happy with my new butterfly yoyo pin. I added some beads and was even happier!

I tried the same yoyo butterfly with a linen fabrics, it was a different effect. I will have to try it using different type of fabrics and decide which type I like most. For this pin, I just added a vintage button and wire for the antennae.

June wanted me to teach her how to make the felted wool rose pins. We picked this felted wool sweater because we liked the color, but after working with it, I realized perhaps the thickness of the felted wool was a little too thick for this type of flower. So, we called these our "Cabbage Roses" since they were kind chunky! June will try these at home with a thinner felted wool.

June taught me how to make these paper ribbon bows. They were a bit technical at first, but really quit easy. The key is to measure and mark then its downhill from there. These add a nice decorative touch to special gifts!

Lastly, we worked on a project June purchased for us at the Fancy Tiger. I don't have a photo of "our" pumpkins but I used the photo from Fancy Tiger's Etsy Shop. It's a pumpkin needlefelting kit which can be purchased at Fancy Tiger's Etsy shop. It's really cute and mine is almost done, I just need to finish the stem. The kit comes complete with everything you need, including a felted June and I were felting the orange wool roving into a ball and then into a pumpkinish shape. Somehow June broke her needle. So after I finished my pumpkin shape, including the indentations around the pumpkin, I gave June my needle so she could finish hers. Somehow she broke that too! Too funny!

The sad thing is, I have extra felting needles but I could not find them, I could not remember where I put them away!! So, we had a good laugh and someday we will finish our pumpkins.

P.S. June, yesturday, I found the needles...whoohoo!

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  1. It was a wonderful time to share what we've been doing apart. I found my felt needles here and will work on my pumpkin and hopefully I can learn not to be so hard on them. Thanks for not getting upset when I broke your need too. I felt so badly, but you were a good sport. And we did have a good laugh. Miss you bunches already. Love you, June