Monday, March 7, 2011

A Silver Lining...

Originally, this post's  title was "Happy Birthdy Lisa" as I planned on posting this on February 22nd but I am afraid my friend Lisa did not have a great birthday this year.  It all started well, on Sunday February 20th, my daughter Laura, Lisa, her daughter Sophie and I spent the afternoon celebrating Lisa's birthday.  We had a late lunch, went to Gigi's Cupcakes and then to the movies.  We were planning on having dinner but realized none of us were hungry due to our late lunch.  We were going to part ways but the girls (Laura and Sophie) did not want "the party" to end so we ended up at Target (Sunday night...Barnes & Nobles was closed).  Sometimes, it think God puts us in a certain place to help our friends.  I say this because, while we were at Target, Lisa got a phone call from her apartment manager.  

Her apartment suffered heavy water damage (pipe issue) and sadly, her dog Fiona had died.  We don't know how but Lisa and Sophie had lost their beloved pet.  Long story short, Lisa and Sophie came home with us that night since their apartment was uninhabitable.  Thankfully, they were able to stay in our guest bedroom for two weeks.  Last Friday, they went to live with other close in their basement where they have more space.  
The silver lining is that although Lisa has been very sad and overwhelmed by this terrible situation, during this time she also realized she can be a homeowner.  This last Saturday, we saw the property  Lisa loves and hopefully will become it's owner!!!!   It's a lovely condo.  I have faith that this property will become Lisa and Sophie's soon and they will call this condo home in no time.

Here is the picture of the birthday card I made for Lisa.  I have faith that next year her birthday will be much better!

birthday card clipped to bag with a fabric flower(pin)

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