Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dressforms, Birds and Vintage Linens

At this moment I am exhausted in every way possible but I need to start this coming week by hoping it will start like any other normal week.  Before my family and I had to abruptly leave to El Paso, TX  this last Monday, I had made some progress creating more dress-forms and birds.  I loved making these birds.  After I completed all the vintage linens birds, I decided to add some birds using some of my favorite text fabrics.  I love fabric that have words, text whether it's print or scripted.  At this time, I have many dress-forms still in progress and birds to complete....honestly, my table in my craft studio is a mess.   I like to think of it as a happy mess. Life returning to normal.  

My sister has a hard road ahead, having just lost her husband but I have faith in her and in God that, in time, she and her boys will create a new "normal" for themselves. Saying goodbye to a loved one has been difficult for me, my husband, my kids and everyone that knew him but we all have to continue living.  Robert was truly the life of the party and I found myself telling my sister  "Robert is probably heaven's social director by now."  She smiled...she agreed.

I am grateful for all my friends support but I have to say I am especially grateful for my friend Staci.  This week she helped me so much.  This year Staci and I applied for a craft show she and I have enjoyed for several years.  Littleton's Annual Friends Craft Fair held at  Ketring Park.  On Monday, we were 8th on the waiting list.  On Tuesday, Staci gave me the news that we made it!  Unfortunately, I could not be there...I was on the road all day today.  Staci, along with her daughter handled the booth today.  Staci's not only had to setup all of her craft items but also handled all of mine.  Thank you Staci...I owe you big time! 

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