Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Christmas 3

I found this special vintage find at in estate sale in Brighton, CO.  It was a long drive north but it proved to be well worth my time.  I also found lots of other vintage treasures, but this was just extra special.  The kids love him!


  1. Isa,
    I am subscriber to your blog. I so love reading through all of your wonderful post. I live in Colorado and will be in the Denver area soon. I plan to visit the Pink Attic Cat. I was wondering if you you have any other suggestions of great places to visit? I don't get to Denver very often, but always try to find somewhere new to go. I didn't see an email address to send to you directly so hopefully you will see this comment and will be able to respond. Thank you so much. D

    1. Hi Denise,

      I just read your comment. I did not realize you had posted a comment until today. I don't know if you have already been to the Denver area. Downtown Littleton has several wonderful shops, including Vintage Vendors on 5776 S Rapp St. Another great place is the Barn in Castle Rock. You can contact me at