Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another year ends...

It seems that as I get older, time just goes by faster.  This past year had it share of ups and downs.  Like the year before (2011) we lost another dear member of our father in law.  During the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas their absence if felt even more.  I know we all think of them often, even though we may not always tell each other.

Laura is currently 15 and learning how to drive.  That is a major change, I am simply not ready for that but it doesn't matter if I am ready or not, it will happen.  A few months ago, David returned to Austin, TX to visit his mom and drive his dad's car back to Colorado.  His mom does not drive and has no need for the car;  we now needed another car.  When I drive the car, I always think of my father in law.  I still think of it as his car and will tell David, "I am driving your dad's car today." 

This holiday season I have felt really, really tired.  This past year I worked extra hard preparing inventory for all my craft shows and my booth at Alamo Antiques, Boutique and Art Gallery.  Craft show season is over and Alamo Antiques closed it's door yesterday.  So why am I still so tired?  Perhaps I am just getting old.  Anyway, I am hoping to get that energy back....soon!

Our Christmas traditions continue to endure.  On Saturday, December 22nd we all, including Sophie, decorated sugar cookies.  On Christmas Eve, we decorated our annual gingerbread house.

Alex, age 8, decorating sugar cookies...he loves to work with M & Ms.

Cookies decorated by Alex and his dad, David.

Cookies decorated by Laura...every year her skills improve.  I thought she did a great job!

Cookies decorated by Sophie.  Sophie(age 16) is Laura's friend who we don't see nearly
as often as we did.  Sophie is a POMS at Columbine HS so she stays very busy but thankfully
 she was able to join us to decorate sugar cookies.
 This is Sophie's third year joining us...I have to say, I am very proud of
 her work.  Sophie always declared herself as craft challenged but she rolled out those
 cookies and decorated them like a pro!

Laura's snowman cookie

Alex's Pirate cookie

My snowgirl!

David's cookie me, he likes to decorate houses!
 Our 15th annual family Gingerbread House:

Decorating a house on Christmas Eve is a family tradition we all  cherish.

Back of the house, decorated mostly by Laura.

Side of the house, a joint effort.  Trees done by me, snowman by Alex and side window by Laura.
 Our gingerbread house surrounded by several miniature
 trees (decorated with miniature Hallmark ornaments)

Font of the house decorated by me.  Side of the house is Alex's and David's work.  Alex
 created a ski school on the side.
 He said dad was the ski instructor and he is the student.
 Alex used candy canes to create skis for the gingerbread boys.

A  better view of Alex's ski school.  On the left is Alex (student) and
on the right is Dad (the teacher).


Alex on skis
 I also had to include some pictures of our kitchen table Christmas Decor, mostly handmade by me:

We had a great Christmas Day.  It was a white Christmas...the snow just makes it more beautiful and festive.  Alex was thrilled with his scooter and huge pile of new Lego's.  Laura was a very happy teenage girl with all her new makeup, clothes and a Vera Bradley handbag.  David was happy with his metal moose wall hanging & binoculars.  I was very happy with a new felting sewing machine (can't wait to try it out).  We are all very blessed!

I wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year!

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