Saturday, January 5, 2013

She Had Three Hearts: Art Journal Workshop by Christy Tomlinson

After working very hard for the last few months to create plenty of inventory for my craft shows and Etsy shop, Isa Creations Vintage, I am finally able to take some time to just feed my creative mind.  How do I do that?

I take on-line classes from some of my favorite artists.  One of them is Christy Tomlinson, who truly inspires the artist in me.  I love mix media!  I create the mix media projects for me, I don't sell those.  This experience  feeds my creative soul, which is why I look forward to these on-line classes.  My first class with Christy was She Art Workshop last year.  I loved it!

This year, I have signed up for several of  Christy Tomlinson's workshops.  It's difficult to chose which one to start with this year... I decided to start with She had Three Hearts: Art Journaling Workshop:

Christy's workshop description included these words:

an old Chinese Proverb reads, " a woman has three hearts... one she shares with the world... one she shares family..  and one she shares only with herself.

I realized how true this Chinese Proverb is for me.  I do share different parts of me with different people and realized I need to work on sharing the best part of me with my family, which I don't always do.    I want to explore this creatively.  I am just on week 1 of the workshop, I can't wait for week 2 and 3.  

While estate sale shopping, I am always on the lookout for materials I can use on mix media projects.  Especially vintage ephemera and anything I can use as a stencil/mask. Friday, I found a fantastic vintage plastic tablecloth (2 of them, identical) with great crochet style details.  It was a true bargain, $1 each!  

I think it will make a great stencil/mask for future mix media projects:

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  1. I am taking Journal candy with Rachelle Panagarry so. It will be interesting to follow your posts to see how the classes compare.