Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Listing...Isa Creations Vintage Etsy Shop

This week has truly been about multi-tasking.  One of my goals for this week was to add new listings to my Etsy shop, Isa Creations Vintage.   I have to admit, this is a process I don't really enjoy.  Taking pictures, editing pictures, posting listing....

I really need to improve my attitude on this.  It's really not that bad, especially with Etsy making it easier to list items.  Anyway, today (actually yesterday since it's now Thursday!) I made a point to take the time to do all of the above.  Here is a snapshot of my new listings, including my new heart shaped vintage linen pin cushions.

My next goal is to add listing of my vintage embroidered linen birds.  I want to take pictures using a beautiful antique bird house my husband purchased for me at an Auction.  Problem is I want to take the pictures outside but it has been frigid cold.  Thankfully, the forecast is for warmer weather.

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