Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Family Time in El Paso, Texas

The kids (Laura and Alex) and I  have been in El Paso for just over 1 week now.  I grew up in El Paso so in a way, this will always be coming back home although home now is Littleton, CO. 

Due to my severe cat allergy, we can't stay at my dad's and moms' home (the home I grew up from age 4).  My parents took in a stray cat many years ago...they love their cat like it's their kid (so sweet).   My parents wish the kids and I could stay with them when we visit, but they understand (from past experience) that if I did stay (even with my allergy medication) I would start wheezing and require immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, my sister lives only a few miles away from my parents home.  The kids love to hang out with their cousins and their cousin's cousins(Robert's side of the family).  I love to spend time with my sister as well and my parents come over almost every day.  I have spent time with many other family members, including my aunt Consuelo (mom's sister), my uncle Efren and Robert's sister and brother. 

It was sad but something the kids and I needed to do. 
 Last week we went to the cemetery to visit Robert, my brother in law.
I miss him. 
 My sister's house  is full of pictures of Robert. 
 I smile. 
 I also feel some sadness. 
   I definitely feel  his absence, but life does go on, it has to. 

In the last week we have been here, we have seen several movies.   Since my sister and I are Harry Potter fans (the books and movies), she and I have been watching Harry Potter Movies each night.  My son Alex has joined us most of the time.  Although, tonight will be the first night we will miss our little marathon since we all have plans tonight.

Tonight we will go see Johnny Depp's new movie, The Lone Ranger.  Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge Johnny Depp fan, so it's not a surprise we will be there to see the movie tonight.  Tomorrow, my sister and I will continue our Harry Potter Marathon with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (movie 6).

We will be here another week.

I did not take this photo (wish I had)...here is the link to El Paso Sunrise Photo

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