Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Paris Street Market (September) and June's Visit

The last few days have been another whirlwind.  My dear friend June is here visiting from San Antonio, TX.  I picked her up at the airport early on Thursday.  We did not waste a minute.  We were at 3 estate sales by noon.  June was so happy with her vintage treasures.  On Friday we only went to one estate sale.   She purchased a purple transfer-ware soup bowl for me... an extra birthday gift.  I will post a picture next week, I have not photographed it yet. 

My last Paris Street Market was this past June.  I was not a vendor during the months of July and August.  During July we were mostly traveling; however, during August I had to of been extra productive because I have never had so many new items from one show to the next.  It was nice to hear from a few customers at yesterday's A Paris Street Market that they missed me and were happy I was back, especially with new items.

Thankfully June was able to help me get ready.  Many new items needed to be priced and  tagged.  Buntings needed to me measured and tagged.  I was surprised by the volume.  Although I hand-craft all the hand-crafted items, I just set them aside and move on to completing the next item. If June were not here, I would not of slept the night before A Paris Street Market.  June also woke up at 3:45a.m. and we left the house at 4:35a.m.  We setup the booth while it was cold and damp...and dark.  By noon we were hot and sunburn, even me (I rarely sunburn).

I want to thank all of my customers, especially my repeat customers.  I may not know all their names, but I recognize them.  June and I had a great day.  We worked hard but also had fun.  I have to say, not only is June my best friend and surrogate sister, she is also my biggest supporter.  She purchased many of her Christmas gifts from me.   Even before June's large purchase, September's A Paris Street Market was my best ever!  Thanks to everyone who has made that possible!!

Highlight photos from Isa Creations Vintage booth at A Paris Street Market,

September 6, 2014

Lined Zippered Coin Purse or Ear Bud Case.  Zipper in on the back.

Isabel and June

Vintage Uncut Hankie Buntings... a little messy but that's okay.

My usual vintage linen pin cushions,birds and other.
Love Halloween!  Love creating items for Halloween.


New Chalkboard fabric buntings along with pumpkins.

Lots of new hand-dyed orange and black vintage linens, along with my original mix media Halloween canvas.

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