Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Buntings or Garlands - Halloween, Part I

It's been several weeks since my last blog posting.  Since then, I manage to sew many more House Coin Purses but have not had an opportunity to take photos yet.

The last two weeks have been busy with my kids returning back to school.  A senior in High School and a 5th Grader.

Last weekend was spent with one of my dear friends, Cindy.  Cindy was my next door neighbor when we both lived in Houston.  Now, she lives in San Antonio with her two boys now in College and I live here in Colorado.  Cindy and I spent time having fun estate sale shopping, enjoying lunch out and just talking....a lot.  We stayed up really, really late just talking and catching up...it was great!   Cindy came to Colorado to attend a wedding but thankfully, was able to stay with us.  We were also able to do something we had not been able to do in 8 years, celebrate my birthday in person!

Yesterday was my birthday and I have to say it was nice to spend time with my family since it was Labor Day (no school or work).  We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Hacienda Colorado Restaurant and yummy coconut cake.  I was especially touched by all the phone calls, emails, texts and posting on my personal Facebook page from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday.  Thank you to all!

This birthday is especially special because I was able to spend time with my friend Cindy a few days before.  And, my dear friend and surrogate sister June is coming to visit me this weekend.  Junebug (as I call her) will be arriving first thing Thursday.  She will be with me at A Paris Street Market this Saturday helping me at by booth and she will stay through Monday morning!:) 

Now, the other reason I have not posted anything in a few weeks is I have been very busy sewing.  Like most things I create, this too took a life of it's own. 

Buntings or Garlands

Lots and lots of them.

So many, this is one of many posts to come

They will all be available this Saturday, September 6th
A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove

Halloween, Dyed Crochet Doilies, Chalkboard and finally Vintage Hankies

First, here is Halloween (more in later posts)

Vintage cream lace tablecloth.  Half I used in it's original form and half I hand-dyed orange.  Felt layer adds extra layer of support for each bunting.  I like how you can see the lace better with the black felt in the background.

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  1. Love your lace bunting! A very good idea to use up lace cloths that are only partly usable :D