Thursday, March 19, 2015

A sampling of Isa Creations

I created a little sampler of some of my favorite Isa Creation items. 

Pin Cushions
House Coin Purse
House Pillows
Dominoes Pendants with Vintage Dress Patterns

all types
Vintage Embroidered Linens
Vintage Hankies
Vintage Doilies (white & dyed)
Fabric (Seasonal Prints)

I am not alone in loving Garlands/Buntings

in 2014 I sold 124 Garlands!
For this 1 person company,
that is huge!

After a couple of grueling days, I finally finished entering my sales data and generating reports telling me how many items I sold, when and where.   Creating seasonal items, especially Halloween & Christmas is a big part of my business,especially in 2014.   I just did not realize how big until I reviewed by sales data for November and December.

 A huge thanks to all my customer and all who supported  Isa Creations during 2014!

 The laser-cut paper garland flags is a preview of what is to come.  Since it is paper and they are delicate, I created a protective layer by putting the laser-cut paper inside clear vinyl. I stitched it all around and added eyelets.  I plan on selling these as individual garland "flags" so customer can customize their garland to their preferred color and length. 

I love incorporating vintage linens to create my little House coin purses.  The purple trim is vintage trim I dyed purple (my favorite color).  Purple vintage chenille bedspread combined with bits of vintage embroidered linens for the door and window.

 Another favorite material is truly vintage rick rack!  You can't beat the colors and the texture in the truly vintage rick rack.  I am happy to say I have acquired a huge collection of vintage rick rack at numerous estate sales.  

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