Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Save the Dates...Upcoming Markets! UPDATE 3/18/15

Although  life is always full of uncertainties,
I want to share my plans.
I am posting the dates for Upcoming Markets

Isa Creations
will be a vendor
in 2015

I am planning on being there May 2nd, June 6th, September 5th and October 3rd.

I will be there May 9th

I will be there June 19th & 20th
Sadly, Old Glory Antiques Fair has been cancelled for this year.  Updated, March 18, 2015 

Due to summer travel plans, I will not be at any markets during the months of July and August.

I am excited to create many new items.

Ideas are in my head...

Materials have been carefully collected
(all washed, pressed...ready to go)

All I need is time to Create.  

God willing, everything will work out and I will manage my time effectively to create.

I have lots of juggling ahead of me, but I have faith it will all work out.

I generally don't share much personal items because this is mostly a blog for my creative endeavors and business, Isa Creations.

However, sometimes you can't separate the business from the personal.
Isa Creations is me.
It's a one person company.  
I have help from great supporting friends & family at markets,
but I am the only one who creates everything sold by Isa Creations.

I can't worry or stress about things that are out of my hands. 
But I can't ignore the uncertainties that lie ahead.
My husband and I both have aging parent(s).
We need to spend time with them.
We love living in Colorado
our parents live in Texas
(Austin & El Paso - 9 hour drive from each other - YEP, Texas is a huge state!)

We will be spending time in Texas (Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio) in the coming weeks...family time during Spring Break.
Update: 3/18/15

I may fly from Austin or San Antonio to El Paso to spend time with my parents. 
Not sure when I will be traveling to El Paso, TX.
 What I do know, is I will be  traveling to El Paso in the near future.
I still plan to visit my parents sometime in April, I miss them.

 My dad has just been diagnosed with cancer.  Don't have any details yet.  
We hope to learn more in the coming week(s). 
Not sure what happened but some sort of miscommunication with my parents and the doctors office.  Apparently, there was concern the cyst was cancerous and my parents heard it was cancerous.  Thankfully and happily, it is NOT cancer. 
I feel a heavy burden lifted! 
I am optimistic, I have to be.
I know from first hand experience, 
you can live with cancer.
I also know you can lose that battle...quickly.
 I have faith in God. 
We may not understand what it is or why,
God always has a plan.

Being creative is a huge part of who I am. 
 Creating is therapeutic for me.
Whatever the future holds,
 Creativity is my safe-haven.
 If I can't find time to create everything I want to create, 
it will be okay,
so long as I create something.

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