Sunday, August 30, 2015

Re-purposed Vintage Linen Pillows

Zippers was not a favorite thing of mine, but in recent years I have learned to not fear them.  Thanks to various tutorials on Pinterest, I am much more comfortable working with zippers.  As a result of that, when I make pillows, they now have a zipper at the bottom.  This allows you to wash the pillow by simply removing the pillow form.

When I find vintage linens at estate sales, I like to see the possibilities with the items I purchase. Sometimes I am lucky to find some real unique and special finds.  Recently, I found two.  These were embroidered panels, very different but both stunning (in my opinion).  I knew immediately, these would become pillows.  These are large pillows.

The first one is a large vintage red-work embroidered  panel now a pillow with a zipper at the bottom.  Red fabric backing.

 The next one is a dimensional floral design on felted wool.  The flowers are all hand-cut felted wool flowers with lots of embroidered details.  Here is the pillow with a zipper at the bottom. Its a long rectangular shape.

Old Vintage linen calendars usually have very pretty illustrations.  These usually are destined to become pillows.  The upcoming fall and winter season inspired my selection in my vast vintage linen stash to create these old linen calendars into pillows.  Sizes vary.

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  1. Love the vintage linen calendars.....fond memories of them each year and love the pillow idea. Thanks ---Merri