Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vintage Hankie Scarves Part 1 of 2

Working with vintage hankies has become a favorite of mine.  I love the colors, the florals, the fine embroidered lace edgings, the textures. 

Combining 5 vintage hankies that coordinate or complement each other takes time as
 I decide on the 5 vintage hankies that will be re-purposed into a
 one of a kind 
Vintage Hankie Scarf.

I have been posting one or several of these a day on my Instagram account - IsaCreationsVintage.

Here is my new collection of Vintage Hankie Scarves
Available September 5th at
in Aspen Grove
Littleton, CO

White vintage hankies with embroidery and lace details make a wonderfully unique scarf.

I have decided to keep this one for myself!

My friend Amy (Pink Attic Cat) loves eyelet embroidered details.  I needed to create a new display board for my vintage hankie scarves.  I traded this scarf for a vintage door used in my new display.  Love to barter with Amy, her shop always has vintage finds I must have.

And there is more vintage hankie scarfs,
I will post those next time.

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