Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vintage Hexagon Quilt Pieces Re-purposed (Part 1 of 2) & For the Love of Vintage at the Pink Attic Cat

In the last few years, I realized what I re-purpose or create depends largely on my local estate sale finds. Every once in a while, I find true treasure. For me, it usually involves unfinished embroidered quilt pieces which I can re-purpose into a number of things. It can be a pin cushions, a bag (different types), a garland/ bunting or even a pillow.

Last summer I was lucky enough to find hand stitched quilt pieces. I have worked with tattered quilts but not pieces yet to be put together into a quilt. The color combination had absolutely no color coordination. It was literally scraps of fabrics, all colors and textures stitched together. I love how randomly these pieces were put together.

Working with these type of quilt pieces was a challenge for me. I usually know what something will be re-purposed into. This time; however, I had to take time to figure it out.

All it took was a trip to Walmart, Target and TJMaxx in early January. I found an assortment of flour-sack white cotton towels and colorful but basic kitchen towels. It really started with a pack of flour sack white cotton towels I found at Walmart. In that moment, I knew how I would use those special quilt pieces. In my 2 previous post, you can see how I re-purposed the wedding ring quilt pieces into one of a kind kitchen towels.

However, in this post I will share what I did with the vintage Hexagon Quilt Pieces. Again, the color combination for these pieces may not be traditional but I love them as well. My first rule is every piece of vintage linen I use is washed in hot soapy water. This also means, it all has be ironed. A tedious part, I admit, but necessary.

I fused the hexagon quilt pieces (used wonder under fusible web) to an assortment of white four sack or colorful cotton kitchen towels. I added a new favorite of mine, vintage pom pom trim and of course, my most used trim - vintage rick rack trim (ALL the trim I use is ALWAYS washed in hot soapy water and iron as well). Some kitchen towels have lace or crochet trim.

I created so many kitchen towels, I am splitting my blog post in 2. This is part 1 of 2:

These will also be available this Thursday through Saturday at the Pink Attic Cat pop up event-

For the Love of Vintage

Here are the details.

Check out the previous post for more details and information.

I love re-purposing these vintage hexagon quilt pieces into lovely kitchen towels.

They are all truly one of a kind

thanks to someone

who took the time to piece these

Hexagon quilt pieces together many years ago.


Love, Love, Love all this trim:

More Kitchen towels using the vintage hexagon quilt pieces:

Love the assortment of vintage trim:


A favorite of mine. I used a vintage embroidered trim for this one:




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