Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mini Embroidery Hoop Pendants and Vintage Embroidered Linens

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere.
My favorites are Pinterest, Instagram and Stampinton & Company publications.
While on Pinterest I saw mini embroidery hoops pendants. I found beautiful mini works of art inside mini embroidery hoops. I was immediately inspired! I did a search to find the supplier of these little embroidery hoops. So happy when I found Sonia and her husband, the team of Dandelyne who create these mini embroidery hoops.
Dandelyne is based in Australia. Visit the website and learn the story of these wonderful mini embroidery hoops which are little works of art on their own. The craftsmanship is excellent! I just love them!
I found another way to repurposed vintage embroidered linens!
Happy dance:)
Back in January, I placed a huge order ( huge for me) because I knew exactly what I was going to create inside these hoops. A week ago I started to create new items for upcoming shows in May. I am so happy I started with Dandelyne's mini embroidery hoops.
I combined
Vintage Embroidered Linens
Free-form Stitching / Sewing Illustrations
with my Sewing Machine
Inspirational Words
Camping Trailers / Airstreams
If you follow my blog or know me, then you know I love miniatures! I love houses and more recently, love working with camping trailers/Airstreams. I have plans to create fun new tea towels incorporating all these design elements along with free form stitching.
Creating mini designs with my sewing machine requires patience and a steady hand. The final results make me happy!
After creating a few mini embroidery hoops, I placed another order with Sonia of Dandelyne for more mini embroidery hoops! This is a big investment for me and a leap of faith as I hope these mini embroidered pendants are well received at upcoming shows in May.
I remind myself,
Create what you love! I do:)
I have posted these on Instagram. They have been well received on Instagram. Sonia of Dandelyne likes them too! Here is a sampling of what I have created. I have another batch next to my sewing machine waiting for me to continue the happy stitching.

These were the first one I created.
Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. These are so darling but I will miss you this summer at the Paris Street Market as we just moved to Missouri! Happy Easter!

  2. These are adorable! Happy Easter!